An Interview with Nichelle Temple, Owner of Inderma Studio in NYC

Happy Monday my loves!

With the season refresh (hello daylight savings time!) and cooler temperatures felt everywhere, I wanted to spend this week focusing on skincare and how to help our cold, dry skin! I love skincare products, and I'm always no the hunt for the elusive glow of a healthy, well moisturized face, so when I have skincare questions I'm lucky to have an experienced professional to answer all of them - my best friend Nichelle! 

You probably remember Nichelle from her popular guests posts, Getting Serious About Skincare 1, 2: Exfoliation, 3: Glossier Review and 4: Summertime Skincare. I've always turned to Nichelle for advice over the years, and now I've started turning to her for facials to keep my skin at its best.


Nichelle is a professionally trained and licensed Esthetician working in Manhattan. She was trained at the Aveda Institute in Soho, New York and has been working as an Esthetician in NY since graduating in 2013. She specializes in treatments such as Radio frequency for non-surgical face lift, Electro-Therapy Currents for Anti-Aging /Skin Tightening Treatment for the Face and Neck, and Ultra sound body contouring for tightening and cellulite reduction. She also has extensive experience in skincare training working as an expert for Bluemercury Salons. 

Using her wealth of experience and passion for skincare, Nichelle has recently opened up her own spa, Inderma Studio - and I'm SO thrilled and enormously proud! Here's an interview I conducted with Nichelle after my first visit to her Manhattan Spa!

Nichelle, I'm so excited about your new adventure! What was your motivation for starting Inderma?

For as long as I can remember I've been passionate about skincare. In my early 20's as I tried to decide what to do with my life I thought about my passions; Makeup artistry, the healing process of therapy and skincare. After reflecting on these, I saw the similarities and how I could merge all of my interests by healing people and making them feel beautiful from the inside out with skincare. It became clear to me that I wanted to someday open a spa which could combine all three. Being an esthetician/skincare specialist I have the ability to heal people, make them feel beautiful and help detoxify their bodies. It's such a gift to work with people everyday and help them!

At the uptown job I have mentioned in past posts I have had the pleasure of working with models like Irina Shayk, designer Mara Hoffman, actress Sophia Vegara and a long list of New York's socialites. it's been an amazing ride, and I've learned so much about complex skincare procedures and the medical side of spas. However among the glitz and glamour, I felt a strong desire to help the 'everyday' New York woman, focusing on faces rather than body treatments. Inderma Studio is an intimate, low light atmosphere with organic skincare products. I use leading technology to deliver the best results for any skin type and it is welcoming of everyone. An important part of my process is teaching people about their skin. I offer gentle chemical peels for a variety of concerns, high frequency to kill bacteria, LED light therapy to improve the barrier function of the skin while building collagen and best of all microcurrent for skin fitness! I wanted a place where you felt as if you were heading in to visit a girlfriend, to chat about your upcoming date, travel plans, etc. Inderma is a relaxing space without all of the intimidation you find in many spas!

When you break the name Inderma down you get 'in dermis'. The dermis is the structural layer in the skin, and that’s where my work is focused.


Let's talk about the micro current facial I just had - I loved it! 

I'm so glad to hear that Colleen! You had a 30 minute microcurrent facial. The microcurrent is a mild yet effective wave length of electricity that mimickes currents already in the body and stimulates a workout. Think of it as Pilates for your face! Most of us partake in some sort of workout for our bodies (to tone our arms, define our abs, stay healthy) so why should our faces be treated any differently? We have 32 facial muscles that are in need of strengthening. Firmer face equals tighter skin and that's the goal! I have the Caci Ultimate machine which is typically only available in Europe. The results are cumulative (again think of going to the gym to build and maintain muscle tone) but instantly visible! Absolutely perfect for every face at any age.


When should you start taking care of your skin and seeking professional treatments? I'm only28, but I am definitely starting to notice fine lines in certain areas.

Honestly, it's never to early. Once I started using department store makeup I began using department store skincare lines as well. When I turned 21 I threw away every drug store cleanser and started to pick products based on ingredients rather than price and convenience. Side note: at age 29 I'm grateful to not have a single line around my eyes and barely there wrinkles in my forehead. Regarding microcurrent (the best option to avoid surgery and injections to maintain your youth) The number of sessions depends on the client age and skin condition.  The effects of microcurrent are immediate and cumulative.  Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance to keep a more youthful appearance.  Each time a treatment is performed the new contour maintains its position better and longer.

Here are the suggested frequencies for facials to achieve optimal skincare health (get that glow!)

- 20-30 years old : As preventive to slow down the aging process. Maintenance every 8 weeks

- 30-35 years old : Initial series of 4-6, one per week.  Maintenance every 6 weeks

- 35-40 years old : Initial series of 6-10, two per week.  Maintenance every 6 weeks

- 40-50 years old : Initial series of 8-10, three per week.  Maintenance every 4 weeks

- 50-60 years old : Initial series of 12-15, three per week. Maintenance every 4 weeks

- 60 plus years : Initial series of 15, three per week.  Maintenance every 4 weeks

Any expansion goals in the works? 

I aspire to advance my career by focusing my expertise on what interests me the most in the realm of aesthetics. Drawing upon the needs of my clients is a constant motivation to continue educating myself to the highest degree and seek out new treatments as my business grows! Phase 2 conversations are happening now and Phase 3 is in the research process! Stay tuned for more! 

My studio is located in Flatiron/Nomad 26th and Broadway. My instagram is @indermastudio (follow me!) my website is (I have detailed information on my services and you can schedule online!) and you can contact me with any skincare questions at 


Thanks so much Nichelle! 

Nichelle is graciously offering 15% off to all Touch of Curl readers, using code TOUCHOFCURL while booking online at I cannot wait until I can see her regularly once we're living in New York, my skin looks fantastic after my facial!

Xoxo Colleen