My Natural Hair - And How I Learned to Love it!

Hey everyone - I'm Colleen, I'm a recovering hair stresser-outer, and it's been 3 months since I last touched a hot hair tool. No curling iron, no hair dryer, NOTHING. 


It's crazy to me when I reflect on how I've spent over half of my life putting so much effort into taming my mane. Middle school though High School I wouldn't have been caught DEAD without straightening my hair each day before class. And as a teenager with very long, thick hair, that meant waking up 35 minutes early each day to perfect my look. Most days I loved the way I looked as I left the house, but the second a drop of humidity or sweat hit me, it was a wavy mess.

As I got older I started using a curling iron instead. This was a much lower maintenance option, but it still meant 25 minutes for the initial whole head of curls, plus about 5-10 minutes each morning after to touch them up. 

My hair has always been an important part of my overall look, and I hate to admit it, but it's gotten in the way of my life. From skipping workouts (especially my favorite, hot yoga) due to concern the sweat would ruin a fresh curl, to spontaneously jumping in the pool with the kids, I've let my vanity get in the way of living a fun, full and spontaneous life! It's just silly.

Our move to Nice was a chance to experience a new culture as a family, focus on being fully present with our kids and really push ourselves to be more adventurous and free. I decided that along with that I wanted to be free of my time consuming morning routine and live a worry free hair & makeup life!

I've been seeing the same hairstylist for years, and he's been amazing, but I wanted a new look. So I made an appointment while we were in Manhattan at Butterfly Salon with Jill Engelsen (hey girl, you're amazing!!) and asked for my hair to be cut specifically to be worn naturally. She cut shorter layering pieces around the top off my hair to lighten up my head and let the curl come through. The results were fantastic and I am in love with my new style. In these photos my haircut is about 3 months old, and I'm so happy with how it has grown out. SO if you're looking to start going natural, ask for reccomendations from friends, or ask your stylist if they were educated on how to cut for natural curl.

Today's installment is focused on my hair - but I am also creating posts in the next coming weeks on my simple skincare regime, as well as my natural, everyday low maintenance makeup essential. I've pared down my processes in skin, hair and makeup, and I am SO pleased with the results. 


My Routine

I shower every other morning using Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner, I've spoken extensively on Touch of Curl about my love for Living Proof hair products, and I've found that their 'Full' line gives my hair really nice volume and texture.  

After towel drying my hair I rub some Moroccan Oil into the ends to keep them hydrated. It's best to use hair oil when your hair is wet so it can absorb the moisture fully. This little bottle will also last you forever! I only use a couple drops each time!

Next I squeeze some Living Proof, No Frizz Leave in Conditioner into my palm, and run my hands evenly through my hair, specifically the outer layer and the top my head near the roots. This tames frizz very well, even in the humid climate of Nice!

I finish by either applying Bumble and Bumble Curl Style Defining Creme, or Curl Style Conditioning Mousse. I like to change it up a bit because both have slightly different effects. The Defining Creme gives me more defined curls (I am wearing it in the photos above). While the Conditioning Mousse gives me more volume and waves with less definition. With both I rub the product between my hands and scrunch my hair as I evenly distributing the product throughout. 

I often get compliments on hair regarding how shiny and healthy it is, so one last product I wanted to mention is the multivitamin I take everyday. I truly believe that sticking to a daily multivitamin helps your body in so many ways, including your skin and hair. I never color my hair, nor have any I done any hair treatments, but I am religious about my vitamins and I think it shows!

These days you can find me walking in the rain, jumping in the ocean with the kids and sweating it out at the park in high heat. And I've never been happier!

You can find everything I mentioned linked above, and if you have any questions please hit me up in the comments! I love hearing from you ladies! And let me know what products you're using, I always love recommendations :)

Xoxo Colleen