Shopping Obsession: The RealReal

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I'm coming at you today from underneath a blanket because WOAH IS IT COLD OUT! I guess mother nature wanted to remind us spring hasn't officially sprung yet. But hey, snow or no snow, I'm feeling spring and I just can't hide my excitement for warmer clothing!!!

I love spring clothing because of the transitional nature of the pieces. It's not quite warm enough to rely on tank tops and shorts yet, so it's a great time to try mixing and matching current pieces from your closet with fun updated spring pieces to achieve some great looks! I have always been a sucker for a great jacket, so spring and fall have always been my favorite seasons for style.

I am a self professed competitive shopper, and one of my absolute favorite ways to shop has always been consignment. If you love designer, there is no better way to score great deals then to purchase and sell via consignment - and if you've never done it before, then it is absolutely time to start! My go-to shops in the Twin Cities (if you're local) are Fashion Avenue and Gh2, but the place where I score the most is always online at The RealReal.

I've been a member of The RealReal for a few years now, and their inventory keeps getting better and better as the company grows. I LOVE this website so much, I wanted to detail for you all how I shop it to get the best deals and waste the least amount of time shopping around. At the end I'm also going to touch briefly on my experience consigning with them. So let's go!

Here I am this summer Paris wear a full RealReal outfit. Pictured above I'm wearing a Sandro fit and flare dress (similar on sale here) and a Céline camel box bag (similar on sale here) both purchased on The RealReal. Shoes are by Stuart Weitzman (similar on sale here)

Ok, so how to get started? Well, before even signing up on the website, the most important advice I have is to try on more clothes. What?? I know it sounds weird, but when you're out shopping and you see a pair of Saint Laurent heels you could never afford, or a Rag & Bone dress that's way out of the budget, but you LOVVVEEEE it - try it on. Because you never know when you're going to see it again for 70% off, and when you do I sure hope you know what size you are in so you can click 'purchase now' confidently and with a giant smile and enjoy that sweet victory. The silk dress I am wearing above is A.L.C. from this past fall. I tried it on and LOVED it, but the $795 price tag was never going to happen. 2 weeks ago I spotted it for $90 + 20% off with their current promotion code. I'm assuming this type of thrill is normally reserved only for high stakes gambling or winning the lotto, for me it's all from shopping :)

So this brings me to my second point: utilize the search tool. What are you interested in these days? A pair of Valentino Rockstuds like I have pictured above? I'm obsessed with mine, and Here is a very similar pink pair you can buy now! Just search 'Valentino Rockstud' then specify your size and it will show you your options. Thinking of buying a new pair of light denim for sping? It's helpful to know what brands fit your body well - then go straight to them. 

There are a few brands that I'm absolutely devoted to, and would wear everyday if I could afford them. So rather than browsing around all of the curated sales they have posted on the front page, I often quickly search for the brands I love and see whats new in my size! It was my (almost daily) search of 'A.L.C.' that brought me that dress above and this cute black and white polkadot top pictured below (similar top on sale here! and here is that same pattern in a dress!) Both were well over 50% off retail price and in excellent condition. Oh, and my obsession with Rag & Bone hats is so much easier to comply with when I buy them here where the prices are much more affordable! Check out hats similar to mine below here!

I harbor an unhealthy obsession with leather jackets, and IRO is by far my favorite. Full price for one is about $1,200 (insert crying face emoji!!!) so I am out looking like a hawk, just waiting for that day that one in my size is listed. Because when you're looking for a specific designer item, patience is key! But the rewards are so great when you find what you're looking for at 50-70% off!!

Another avenue I take is searching for styles I'm looking for. This Jumpsuit below is Tory Burch, (and here is the same jumpsuit in a different pattern on sale!) a designer who I wouldn't normally search for. I searched 'rompers' when looking at cute options for spring/summer, and this caught my eye! It's a little different than my normal style, and I'm so glad I found it! In this scenario I was not familiar with the fit of the brand, so it was very helpful that the measurements were listed in the item description. My shoes are Gucci, which I purchased a long long long time ago before I had any little kids to run after ( lol heels, I miss you!) but here they are currently on sale in a size 7, they're unbelievably comfortable!!

SO the last point I'll mention is consigning with The RealReal. Looking at the above photo, I know what you're thinking - OMG TOO MUCH EYEBROW AND SELF TANNER, MAKE IT STOP. It was early 2013, the world was a different place, don't judge!! I'm posting this photo to show you the DVF dress I'm wearing, which I bought from Barney's Warehouse Sale for about $119 in 2012. Well, I've worn it MANY times, and now it's currently on sale here! I also have the dress I wore to my best friends wedding as her maid of honor listed (which is listed at the exact price I bought it for on TheOutnet - woohoo!) Selling is very easy, and I've had a great experience with the process. Online you can request a consignment kit which comes with a list of brands accepted and a label which prepays for you to ship your items to them for an assesment. I shipped a box with 36 items and 23 were accepted, so it's not a guarantee all will be sold, but if you take care of your items, there is a great chance many will be accepted and eventually sell!

The commission you earn is based on the price the item will be sold for (commission levels go up when an item is above $1,000) and how many previous items you have consigned with them. I am a previous consigner, so I am collecting 66% of my sales, but consignments start at 55%. You have no control over the prices your items are listed for, but you can choose to request an item be sent back to you if you feel they have priced it lower then you value it. I choose to keep the money I've earned in store credit, which increases my commission percentage, and enables my addiction :)

This Alice + Olivia jumpsuit I wore all over Paris last summer? Well, it's for sale right here in a similar color! The hardest thing about shopping consignment is how quickly everything moves, and once it's gone, it's gone! SO when you find something you love - MOVE QUICKLY! 

Have you ever shopped on The RealReal or a similar consignment site? I LOVE finding the best places to shop, so I would love to hear! Sound off in the comments about your favorite experiences, I love good consignment stories! And please let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Shopping

Xoxo Colleen