Weekend Wrap up - France in the Fall!

Happy Monday everyone! 

After a rather tumultuous last couple weeks as I detailed in this post last week, it felt so wonderful this weekend to spend our time together as a family. We're only here in France for another few months, and it's definitely motivated Matthew and I to make the most of our time and venture outside of Nice to explore!

But before we get into our weekend I wanted to share a couple photos I took from our apartment! In the last post I shared on our remodel there was little to show as far as the major progress, but things are really coming together finally! Our stone floors were just installed, and the wood floors went In today! We spent countless hours discussing tile colors, patterns, stones, etc. It is so wonderful to see everything fall into place after what feels like 10 million tiny decisions!


I have been working on the design scheme ever since spring back in Minneapolis, and I am dying with anticipation for our furniture to arrive and to see everything come together. I just made the final decisions on all paint colors and wallpaper decisions, and I cannot wait to show you once it's complete! 


These walls sure have come a long way! When we purchased this apartment it was is pretty rough shape (uninhabited for nearly 40 yrs!) but the restoration of the molding has gone beautifully!


Ok so on to the weekend! Can we just talk for a second about how insanely cute these two are on their scooters? Buying these Goober scooters was the best decision we made here - they're obsessed! We rarely ever use our stroller anymore, and I'm not missing it! I love how much fun they have together racing each other and laughing, it's such a joy to see! 


The handlebar is adjustable, its very durable and I really have nothing but great things to say about them. If you have a toddler, I can't recommend it enough! Most days after I drop Josie off at preschool I bring Maddie out to the promenade with her scooter so she can go crazy! An hour later she's exhausted, happy and ready for a long morning nap :)


We are lucky to be staying in the 'Old Town' part of Nice, which is very charming and historic. As fall has come, decorations have sprung up all over, making the area feel even more charming, if that's possible!


We started our morning off with carousel rides, and then rented a car and drove up into the alps! There is nothing quite like truly being one with nature and letting the kids run free. I am so grateful that we have this special place for the girls to run, play and explore. I am absolutely thrilled to start our life living in Manhattan in January, and I'm even more thrilled that every summer we can bring the girls here to decompress and explore!


We brought the stroller with, which THANK GOD because it was a lot of walking up very steep hills before we reached the top. But wow was it a gorgeous and relaxing trip. By relaxing I mean Josie asked us every 15 seconds where we were going and if there was a park up there - but the scenery was nice :)


We finally reached the top and made a picnic in an old military fortress. Before we left I packed a bag with some jam, peanut butter (because we're still Americans!) and waters while Matthew stopped at a boulangerie and picked up a fresh baguette and apple tart to share.

girls snacking.jpg

SO much fun was had by all! I am so grateful for my spontaneous and adventurous husband who comes up with these fun plans. I just follow him and we always have fun :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Xoxo Colleen