Weekend Wrap up - Exploring France & Italy!


This week has been a bit crazy (two weeks and counting until we move into our renovated apartment!!) so this weekend update is coming out a little late! But late or not I wanted to share some of the photos we took from our little weekend trip to Italy!

We started Saturday morning by heading up to our favorite park in Nice on top of the Chateau de Colline. It's a beautiful walk up to the top of the mountain, and the views on top are incredible! What a gorgeous place for a children's park!


In the afternoon we rented a car and drove a little outside of Nice and visited VilleFranche. It's a small town built into the hills surrrounding a bay with gorgeous beaches and dreamy picturesque hills filled with houses.

The beaches in Nice are very rocky, so the kids has a great time playing in the sand and running around in Villefranche. The weather right now is consistently around the low 70's, making it a little chilly for swimming, but perfect for enjoying the sunshine outside! We dipped our toes in (or full legs if you're Josie!) and enjoyed the break from the car.


After Villefranche, we drove for about 50 mins and crossed the boarder into Italy. The drive was extraordinary! We took the longer route along the coast and it was well worth it. I think I enjoyed the drive more than anything. Unfortunately there were not many places to stop along with way on the drive, so I was unable take many photos. The photo below is right after we crossed the boarder, a little past Monaco! The water is so clear and blue here it's incredible, I am always memorized by it!


We found a small town on the map with high reviews and decided to check it out - and it turned into the perfect day! Dolceaqua, Italy is a medieval village filled with places to explore. Finding an old castle in Europe, while cool, is pretty common. But this little village was so much more! Paths built under the castle lead to interesting tunnels all over the village. Original stone buildings fill the old town and quaint shops line the streets. The large stone bridge leading into the Old Town was adored and painted by Claude Monet, and makes for a beautiful view of the town while crossing. Mayne I sounds like a tour guide, but if you're ever on the Italian Riviera, Dolceaqua is a wonderful day trip!


Above are photos taken from the bridge, below is where Monet sat and painted.


The kids loved walking the tunnels under the city! We would pop out into the coolest coves of old stone towers now being used as apartments and homes! Josie kept saying, "People live here?!" in awe :)


The views from atop the castle were exceptional! I am so glad we have some great photos to remember this day! The girls are just getting cuter and cuter each day, and their personalities really show through! 


A photo where everyone is smiling?!? Is it even real? 


I can't wait to explore more of France and the surrounding countries the next 2 months! 

Have a very happy Wednesday!

Xoxo Colleen