French Beauty Products (And where to buy them in the US!)

The French are known for many things, but some of the things they truly excel in are food, wine and beauty! In France, skincare always takes precedent over makeup, and it shows. Women on the street often appear to wear nothing but lipstick, yet look fresh faced and hydrated even in the August heat. 

After spending a month in France and conversing with Parisians about their favorite products, I filled my suitcase with extras of my favorites which I picked up from the local 'pharmacies'.  Recommendations came from all over, a women at the nail salon, someone next to me at a cafe and my incredible makeup artist who saved my skin before our wedding!!

As I arrived home in late August after weeks of using my new favorites, one of my close friends visiting from San Diego described my skin as radiant, claiming she noticed a significant difference since I had visited her 2 months prior. In short, I was glowing - and it wasn't all from my newlywed status! 

So shop below, and see the difference yourself!

I tend to have normal to dry skin, so every night I smother my face in a heavy night cream which keeps it hydrated and soft during the days. But in the mornings when I want a little extra moisture (without the greasy look of a heavy cream) I apply a pump of this under my makeup. Lightweight, moisture rich and from a highly renowned French beauty brand. Avéne products were recommended to me by numerous French women I worked with while planning my wedding!

The perfect product to add a trés chic golden glow to your skin! A dry blend of sweet almond, macadamia, hazelnut, and camellia oils that can be used anywhere—arms, legs, face, even hair and nails—and smells soft but alluring. I bought this while vacationing in Nice and loved the light bronze effect it had on my arms and legs. The oil absorbs quickly, so after applying a few drops you can completely forget about it and enjoy the light glow all day! Highly recommended for packing on any vacation somewhere warm to brighten up your skin and add a little sex appeal :)

My absolute favorite body lotion! I discovered this brand on our first stay in Paris years ago and have purchased bottles each visit ever since! It goes on so smooth, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin feeling hydrated and soft for longer than any other brand I've tried here in the States. The brand is prominent in France, and it is now easily available on amazon! 

While doing a trial run on the makeup for my wedding, my makeup artist (who does Kendall Jenner's makeup when she's in Paris, so I knew he was legit!) asked me to buy this and use it twice a week until the wedding. The results we're obvious, my skin is noticeably brighter and fuller. I felt gorgeous on my wedding day and have been using it religiously ever since! 

Some of that honeymoon glow in action :)

**Also exciting news here on the blog! If you look in the top right corner on desktop, or under the navigation arrow on mobile, you can now see the new page 'Shop My Faves' is up! I love writing reviews for you gals, and shop my looks is the easiest way to access the products I LOVE and rave about. The products I blogged about here will be up today, as well as my everyday makeup essentials, favorite hair tools and skincare products! 

As always, thanks for the support ladies, you all make blogging fun! And always let me know what products you want to hear about, I love testing out new items or sharing what I am currently loving!

Xoxo Colleen