Honeymoon in Nice, France - Part 1!

Hello beauties! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! So, I'm doing things a little backwards today on the blog. I just got word from our photographer that our wedding photos are on their way to me, so I am THRILLED to share that post with you soon (and just incase you have missed out, here is our week 1, week 2 and week 3 updates from Paris!). But rather than wait another week to post my wedding photos, lets skip ahead 1 week because I am SO excited to share with you some of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon in Nice! 

Flying in we were treated to such an incredible view! Next post I will cover more pictures from the day we rented a car and drove all along the coast from Nice to Monaco! 

The views here are unbelievable! I can honestly say that from the first day we arrived Matthew and I absolutely fell in love with Nice. I've never seen a bluer ocean and felt a more lively city. Nice combines the beauty of French culture with the vibrance of costal cities like Barcelona. The streets were winding and filled with music, dance and chatter. It was a dream!

On our first day in the city we noticed a waterfall up on a hill in the distance. With no plans on our agenda we decided to walk across the city and climb up, it was such a treat! From the mountain you could view the entire city, and the waterfall was beautiful!

Here is a photo taken from the balcony at our apartment!

These girls are just getting too cute! Here is the top I blogged about in my Breezy Summer Top post - I wore it over and over again while in Nice! 

The beaches in Nice are rocky, which is such a difference from the sandy beaches we are used to in the US. They actually create a more even tan because of the reflections, and I loved that I never had to worry about being covered in sand!

Matthew and I rented a car and drove about an hour outside of Nice and headed into the French/Swiss Apls! It was an incredible day full of truly unbelievable sights. I wish these pictures could have captured what we saw, I was blown away by the vastness of the mountains!

While dining in Paris was wonderful, it always posed a challenge with our children. They rarely had highchairs or any way of accommodating a stroller anywhere at resturants. We quickly adjusted and skipped most dinners out as a family. In Nice things were completely different, it is a DREAM for families. Most nights we would all go out together, and head to the park before or after! Josie loved the splash pad near our apartment. It was the length of 2 city blocks!

I can't wait to share more pictures with you in the next post - Nice was amazing!!

Xoxo Colleen