Life Lately!

Hey loves, I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend! The weather here is sunny one day and fall the next, so i've actually been loving the opportunity to wear both my summer and fall clothes depending on the day! The past few weekends have been filled with fun, so here is a short recap and some pictures!. 

Last weekend we took the girls to Minnehaha Falls to enjoy one of the last beautiful summer days! We went last summer with Jos, but she sured loved it much more this year now that she is miss independent! She loved checking out the waterfall and dancing to the music playing all around us in the busy area. (Follow me on snapchat @touchofcurl for videos of our weekend fun!)

This weekend was packed full of time with friends. On Friday I put the girls to bed and headed over to a friends house for a girls night filled with sugar, pizza and laughter. It's been so long since I got together with girlfriends for a chill night in, I was so glad I went. As much as I love dressing up and going out with girlfriends, relaxing in sweats and laughing felt like my perfect Friday night.

Saturday we did our normal walk to Isles Buns with the girls, and some friends joined us! I met my friend Anna in a new moms class (at Amma Parenting Center, highly recommended!) when Josie and her son Luca were around 2 weeks old. She also just had her second child 5 months ago, so it's great having another along for the ride with two littles!

We all headed to the park after to burn off some toddler energy!

Maddies Vest, Onesie, Jeggings and Shoes

Sunday after Church we headed to brunch together and it felt just like old times! It's been awhile since we have been in our normal groove at home, but it feels great to be back and have life return to normal after such a busy summer!

After Church I headed to a beautiful baby shower for my friend Jillian! It is so exciting watching my friends have babies of their own! She's having a girl this winter, so I can't wait to bring the girls over to play once her daughter is a little older!

These two are just thick as thieves lately! I cannot even get over how cute it is watching them become best friends right before my eyes! I swear it makes all the craziness worth it!!

Madeline is 8 months old now, and watching her development is such a joy! She is blowing us away with her personality and strength! She loves to pull herself up on everything and walk around now! While in our room yesterday, she found my mirrored nightstand and LOVED playing with her reflection! 

This summer I have made some pretty major (and easy) changes to my diet, and the results have been pretty amazing. I care very much about what our family eats, and have made a commitment to cook healthy meals 6 nights a week. I'm seeing so many benefits not just in my own health, but with the kids and Matthew as well. I'm curious if any of my readers would be interested in a post covering some of the cookbooks I use frequently or how I create our meals and save time! I would really love to hear in the comments!

And finally - I just cant get enough of these adorable little friends! Josie is so lucky to have so many cute little buddies in our neighborhood! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Xoxo Colleen