We're in Paris - Week Deux!

We're home, and while the trip was unbelievable, there is nothing like the dreamy feeling of reuniting with your own bed :)

I have so many photos to share that I am going to continue breaking these posts up by weeks so that you can get a feel for how we spent out 4 weeks in France! Week two started off with a move from Montmartre into the heart of Paris, the 1st arrondissement!

As August approached, we were in peak tourist time for Paris. Nearly everyone in Paris (aside from workers in the tourism or service industry) gets the entire month of August off from work to travel and vacation. As we started our trip in early July, we could feel week by week the transformation of the city from mostly Parisians to more and more tourists! Suddenly my nike's stood out much less :)

We stayed in the same apartment we found last year, which is right on Ave De L'Opera near the Louvre, Tuileries gardens and the Opera House! It is such a gorgeous apartment, located in a classic Haussmann building. During our second week here, Matthew and went on tours of many apartments all over Paris and learned so much about how the city of Paris was constructed. If your interested in architecture, I recommend reading about Haussmann and his renovation of Paris in the 1800's!

My sweet sweet little girls!! Madeline has changed so much on this trip it is amazing!! She spruted teeth, has started slowly crawling and is just the biggest sweetheart ever! Josie has just been having the greatest time exploring! As a natural adventurer, so takes to new environments very well and is curious about everything! She spends her days running around the parks, trying new food and making new friends!

On my second day after arriving in the 1st arrondissement, I was wondering around, turned a corner and found myself walking towards the gorgeous Place Vendôme! Exploring Paris is truly a magical experience. From the gorgeous buildings, to the larger than life statues and monuments, its an incredible city. 

The most gorgeous Opera house I've ever seen! I can only imagine how incredible it would be to witness an Opera live in such stunning fashion!

Parisian flee markets are the best! I spent hours on Sunday exploring a large flee market near our apartment. Endless tables of pictures, vases, furniture, jewelry and clothes. Good thing I have very little room in our suitcases to bring things home, or I think I would have gone crazy!

We had a wonderful time exploring Luxembourg Gardens! The vibrant pink flowers and palm trees give the feeling of a tropical paradise amidst the sprawling city. The perfectly manicured lawns and gravel paved rows of trees make the gardens in Paris truly unique to the city. I could walk around the gardens of Paris for hours, the rows of trees are the perfect place to spend some quiet time alone. While the lawns are the best for sitting on a blanket and enjoying some bread, cheese and wine with friends!

Checking out our wedding venue 2 weeks before the big day! You may have seen on Instagram or Snapchat some photos from our wedding - I am planing on creating a large post dedicated to wedding photos once we have our professional photos back, but until there there are a few floating around! 

Each time I come to Paris I try to explore a new part of the Louvre museum! It is so unbelievably vast, I could literally spend weeks, if not months, roaming the halls and rooms. I've never seen a museum where the building itself rivals the art inside. The architecture is incredible, and it truly is the greatest museum in the world.

I love sharing our pictures with all of you! This trip has been the most magical experience of my life and I am so happy to take everyone along with me on Touch of Curl!

Xoxo Colleen