Life Lately + State Fair Fun!

Hey lovelies! 

It has been SO LONG since I have done a family update and now that life has finally started to calm down around here I wanted to make the time to share some pictures and stories from our fun last weekend!

This past weekend was a blast, as we had friends from San Diego and their adorable 1 yr old staying with us! Josie and Orly first met almost a year ago and it has been so much fun seeing them every time we go to California and each time they visit Minneapolis! Watching my little girls befriend the daughter of one of MY closest friends is so special! 

So our week was filled with park visits, lots of laughs and of course, the occasional toddler tears! Between Madeline (7mo) Orly (15mo) and Josie (2yr) it is hilarious watching as they play together and navigate all those big emotions! 

On Saturday we all headed out to the annual Minnesota State Fair! Now, for anyone outside of Minnesota I totally get that this sounds REALLY lame, but I swear it's actually not at all! It's the 2nd largest State Fair in the country and attracts just under 2 million people each year! It lasts 2 weeks long and I never miss a year!

When people from out of state ask what we do at the fair, there are so many answers you can give them. There are hundreds of booths set up ranging from craft activities for kids, barns filled with animals you can interact with, so many educational booths where you can learn about things like renewable energy in MN, dairy production and local artists. But mostly, we eat. The people watching is second to none also, tbh!

I just googled it and the MN State Fair has over 300 booths devoted to food and over 450 food items available. I. WANT. IT. ALL. Ok, maybe not the fried spam curds (those sound disgusting), but seriously guys, the food is so good. I took a picture of everything we ate so try not to drool too much! 

French toast bites with raspberry compote and fresh whipped cream toped with pop rocks. I give this two huge thumbs up, it was so good I didn't share with anyone and loved every bite! The Blueberry basil lemonade was absolutely delicious as well!

This picture shows that we literally couldn't help ourselves and already consumed half the food before I could get my camera out! Left is the Blue Cheese Corn 'Fritz' with a chimichurri sauce. These were absolutely delicious (seriously, do not skip the Blue Barn if you're at the fair!) and next on the right is the Iron Range Pirogies, which we clearly enjoyed (they're barely even pictured).

Here's Josie living her best life, eating a blue cheese corn fritz! She gave a thumbs up to both :)

Not all mini donuts are created equal - and these are hands down the best I've ever had! Made fresh to order, these tasted like little sugary pillows in my mouth. DO NOT stop for just any mini's at the fair - look for the Tom Thumb booth and thank me later!

Ok, so Matthew ordered the Poutine, which is a Canadian thing and certainly not my thing. It is made of french fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy. Sounds good in theory, but the execution was 'meh' at best. Not recommended.

Again, not my thing, but Matthew and Josie loved their roasted turkey leg. Walking around with that thing made me feel like we were at a Renaissance festival...

Josie trying her first fried cheese curl, lol! A true Minnesotan! 

I'm not normally one to try all the friend creations at the fair, but when I heard good things about the fried apple and pumpkin pie at the fair I gave it a go. I got the fried apple, and when paired with the cinnamon ice cream, it was delicious! Very lightly friend and pleasantly spiced apples! Recommended if you're into pie, and ice cream, so basically just go get it.

No one has ever been more jealous than Maddie at the fair! Poor little girl was SALIVATING watching us eat all of these yummy treats, meanwhile she's still living off purées and baby poofs. Next year, Mads!

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In other news, Madeline is blowing us away with her milestones lately! She is crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on furniture and even walking alone with our hands! She's so strong, it's incredible to watch! I am both so very proud of her, and also so sad that my baby is growing up so fast! She's 7 months old and I have no idea where the time has gone!

Sunglasses from Target, Dress from H&M, Sandals from Old Navy

Josie has so much attitude she cracks me up all day! She is talking in complete sentences, and I am seriously blown away at how incredible her memory is! Never a dull moment in our home with these amazing little girls!

Thank for reading! To my Minnesota readers - I would LOVE to hear your fair food recommendations, or what booths you enjoy! Is is bad that I REALLY want to go again?! Maybe I'll convince my parents they should come with us this weekend and see the girls! I need all the food!!!

Xoxo Colleen