Travel Diary: San Diego

I was lucky enough to spend the last couple of weeks soaking up sun in various parts of San Diego with my family and friends! Matthew had a work conference in Vegas, so he spent the first half of the trip with us, while the second half I stayed with some close friends of mine who have a 1 yr old!

We had A BLAST!

It is amazing to watch as children change from day to day and month to month. In March we headed to Santa Monica for a week, and while Jos had fun at the beach, she didn't want to stay very long each time we went. This trip was completely different - she LOVED IT! With each wave that washed along her feet she yelled 'more water, another!' It was adorable to watch. Until she needed to be carried away kicking and screaming!

I swear Maddie gets cuter and cuter everyday! I cannot believe she will be 6 months so soon!!

One of my highlights from the trip was a costal hike we took around Torrey Pines Hiking trails! What an incredibly gorgeous view during a hike! One of my favorite things about California is the beauty created when the mountains and ocean views converge. Absolutely gorgeous!

How cute are these two together!? Little budding besties :) It was so much fun watching them navigate sharing and playing together. I definitely saw an uptick in tantrums from Josie during this trip, but it was great to see how they played together as little independent people!

Overall, we had the best time! It was so wonderful to have the chance to spend more time with my friend Rachel and her family! I love watching her daughter Orly grow, and watching Orly and Josie develop their own friendship! I also flew alone for the first time with BOTH girls, and it feels great to get that first trip out of the way - pretty sure I can do anything now!

Xoxo Colleen