Getting Serious about Skincare: Summertime Skin, Makeup and Hair

Summertime is the best. The warm weather brings lighter clothes, long days spent outside and tanned bods. And while the warmer temps are always welcomed by me - my skin tends to need some extra TLC during these sunny months. I know how important it is to wear SPF on your face daily, but what other care should be taken to keep skin looking fresh and healthy during the summertime? 

I posed this question to our resident skin care guru and popular guest poster, Nichelle, in a new installment of Getting Serious about Skincare! And as always, she did not disappoint! And in case your have missed them, enjoy her previous guest posts related to her personal skincare routine and her recommendations on exfoliation.

Nichelle is a professionally trained and licensed Esthetician working in Manhattan. She was trained at the Aveda Institute in Soho, NY and has been working as an Esthetician in NY since graduating in 2013. She can be found working at Beaute Oblige 60th & Madison specializing in treatments such as Radio frequency for non-surgical face lift, Electro-Therapy Currents for Anti-Aging /Skin Tightening Treatment for the Face and Neck, and Ultra sound body contouring for tightening and cellulite reduction. She also works as a Skincare Training Expert for Bluemercury Salons, working throughout their various New York locations to train other Estheticians on their philosophy and practices.

Nichelle: Summer is in full swing so what better time to write a post about what's on my face? 

First let's talk about skincare

Wedding season is in full force and since May I have been traveling a bunch! 3 weddings, 2 bachelorette party's, a weekend of rafting/camping and a family reunion. We all know flying and summer heat can really mess with your skin so I've started using an incredible masque upon arrival on both ends of my trips.

Camille Obadia Oxygenation Kit O2

Camille Obadia is the founder of Beaute Oblige, and developed her skincare line while living in Paris, with French skincare and beauty in mind. Her products are incredible - paraben free, made in France and loved by many of my top model clients. I recommend using the kit once a week as a regular addition to your regimen. The kit comes with an Oxygenation serum (for cleansing which I also use every night) an enzyme peel, an Oxygenation cream, a fan brush for application, an expanding sheet mask and a cute travel bag. 

For daily use I've switched up my regimen and added a few new things. When I traveled to Colorado earlier this month I somehow forgot my products... Whoops! Off to Nordstrom where sales associates introduced me to some new favorites. 

Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizing Tint with SPF 30

Beautiful, beautiful product! A tiny bit goes a long way, smooth finish to the face with an activating tint that matches any skin tone. I'm in love. 

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This is the one my fiancé chose. It's a rich moisturizer, packed with antioxidants and a little retinol for anti aging benefits. I've been using it on the sunny days when I've been hiking or at the pool. It's easy to toss in my backpack and reapply every 2 hours when spending time outdoors. 

SK-II midday mist 

This little gem will penetrate through your makeup and lock in moisture. It hydrates thoroughly, combating oxidative damage caused by daily stressors such as UV rays and pollution. 

My regulars that I've continued to use are my RèVive gentle gel cleanser, Dermalogica rice powder exfoliant, Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream and Skin Ceuticals B5 gel. I use RèVive and Dermalogica in the shower, Fresh eye cream only in the day (Fun fact: I had terrible dark eye circles and have always been on the hunt for an eye cream. Seriously nothing was making an honest difference. I stopped using eye cream at night and I'm telling you they're almost gone! The best time for our skin to regenerate is while we're sleeping so I thought I'd stop with creams and let my body so it's thing. Magic! The B5 gel I use as my nighttime moisturizer. I recommend rereading my daily skincare post for more information on my 'regulars'.

With the skincare basics down, lets move onto makeup! As an esthetician I like to keep a natural look to my skin unless I want a good contour beat down for nighttime events. I like to keep my day to day makeup routine quick and easy, and something that will hold up all day in the New York heat!

RMS Concealer "Un' Cover-up and RMS "Living Luminizer" Highlighter

I was lucky to meet Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS and hear first hand how organic her coconut oil based products truly are. On her website there's a bio page that goes into it if you care to read. The Perricone Moisturizing Tint has replaced my foundation so a little concealer under the eyes and highlighter on my cheek bones, corner of eyes and Cupid's bow. Followed by mascara, brows and lip balm (Jack Black Natural Mint with SPF 25) 2 minutes- done! 

Summertime and humidity brings a whole new routine to haircare - here are some of my lifesavers!

I've fallen in love with R+CO!! I am the laziest with my hair. There's too much of it! Skincare is my thing, so for my hair I like it all quick and easy.

Park Ave Blowout Balm

Fantastic hold even in crazy New York humidity. When I finish blow drying my hair I just wrap a few pieces around my fingers. Round brushes are too much of a struggle!

Death Valley Dry Shampoo-

For dirty hair days when I just want that oil out and a really clean smell. I've tried many dry shampoos and this is absolutely my favorite.

Rock Away Salt Spray

Gives you hair that sexy beachy look. A perfect summer style for when you're short on time.

And that covers my summertime routine! As always, I absolutely love guest posting and sharing with Touch of Curl readers about my passion for skincare products! These guest posts are fueled by reader questions, so please leave your comments, suggestions and questions below and I look forward to addressing them in a future post! 

Thanks for sharing Nichelle! And thank you everyone for reading and your continued support!

Xoxo Colleen

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