Weekend Uniform

I've seen numerous articles and magazine features recently on the idea of a weekend or weekday uniform. These 'uniforms' lay out an easy template of how to quickly dress without the fuss of rummaging through your closet on busy mornings. I've always loved everything related to clothing - the shopping, the styling and especially wearing it! But as a mama of 2 the 'weekend wardrobe' is something that without thinking, I've adopted over the last couple of years.

There are a few key pieces in my closet that I always tend to gravitate towards when I'm looking for a casual, yet put together look. And why fight it? I love getting creative and dressing up for date nights or when I'm out with friends, but easy weekend days are for keeping it simple! So today I wanted to share with you the spring/summer weekend wardrobe pieces that I love.

1. J. Crew 'Boy Shirt' - I have 4 of these shirts in various colors and patterns, and if I could wear them every day of my life, I honestly would. Everything about them is easy, including the fact that they are designed to look even better and more worn in when they're covered with wrinkles! They run large (hence the boy fit) so for size reference, I wear a size 2.

2. Gap 1969 Girlfriend Shorts - I have a closet full of designer denim I love, but who knew my white Gap shorts would be my essential summer look? They fit a little loose and look great with just about any top. They're also less expensive then designer denim, so I don't stress out about getting them dirty when I'm running around and sitting on who-knows-what at the park. I wear a size 4.

3. Ray-Ban Original Aviator - I love sunglasses, and I have many frames I love. But there is something so easy and chic about classic aviators. No matter how many pairs I own, I gravitate towards these anytime I'm dressing casual. 

4. NARS Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 - I've made my obsession for this product very clear on the blog - and if you're interested in knowing more about my everyday makeup routine you can read about it here. Somedays I am just not feeling full makeup, especially when it's a day outside with the kids. But it's always important to have sun coverage, especially in the summer months, so I never skip the SPF. I love that this provides me with a light tinted base, and the sun coverage I need to protect my skin.

5. Joie "A La Plage" Sandals - This will be my 3rd summer of wearing these nearly everyday and they are still in prime condition. So easy to walk in, and a FAR superior option than flip flops for slip on shoes. I live in these beauties, and wouldn't have it any other way. 

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on a weekday or weekend wardrobe! Do you have one? And if so, I wanna hear what you live in! I'm always interested in hearing clothing and products which are highly recommended by others. Let me know in the comments!!