Weekend Wrap-up

What a wonderful weekend filled with love we had! I can't wait to dive in and share with all of you!

To start off I wanted to mention these amazing new Fendi shades I picked up at Nordstrom. I've been looking for a new pair since I've been wearing my same Tom Ford cat eyes for YEARS and I wanted to mix things up a bit. I'm very picky about the shape of frames, but I love the way these fit my face, and the cutout detail is to die for!

On Saturday Matthew and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of my friend Brittani and her new husband Jacob! It was such a wonderful wedding where you could just feel that you were in the presence of so much love. After the toasts had finished, the bride stood up and commented on how the caterers, the DJ, the photographers, every person working the wedding was a personal friend of hers and Jacob's. The entire wedding was literally filled with people who loved them, it was a very special night to be a part of!

Sunday was such a wonderful day for our family! We celebrated the baptism of our daughters with the ceremony and a party following. My Aunt and cousin flew in from Chicago and it was so nice spending time with them all weekend. My Aunt is my Godmother and her daughter Martha is now Madeline's Godmother!

Josie was SUCH a sweetheart all throughout the ceremony! In Church we normally sit in the quiet room so she can play and doesn't bother anyone, but she really held it together and was so good the whole time! 

Joe loved opening both hers and Madeline's presents, ahh the joys of being the big sister!

Special shout out to Anne Hague from Flaunt this who I featured in my Holiday Gift Guide post this winter. She custom made Josie this adorable headband that she just loves! It's Minnie Mouse colors just for her! Anne is fantastic and has made so many headbands and bows that are ADORABLE for Jos, and creates even better clothing and accessories for adults!

The party was so much fun, and I was so happy to spend time with my cousin who I don't have the chance to see very often! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Xoxo Colleen