Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Monday everyone! The weather here in Minneapolis has been seriously dreary, so thankfully we had some fun indoor plans this weekend which brightened things up! Friday was my close friend Jenna's birthday and she hosted a little party at her condo! 

Before heading over we had dinner at this new place Saint Dinette in St Paul, and wow was I impressed! I ordered the jambalaya and it was absolutely delicious. We finished with a couple beignets with fresh lemon curd and I was in heaven! Highly recommended if you're ever downtown St Paul.

The Birthday girl!

Meanwhile, back at home my parents watched the kids and sent me silly pictures of the girls playing and Maddie on Josie's potty chair. We're so lucky to have both Matthew's Mother and my parents so happy and willing to babysit! Our girls love it!

Saturday the rain cleared up for a bit and we took full advantage! I am just loving walking the girls around the lakes and watching as all the trees and flowers are blooming! And look at how big this girl is getting! I cannot believe she is only 1 1/2, Jos is looking so old!!

Saturday night Matthew's Mother wanted to watch the girls for a little bit so we snuck away for a couple hours and had dinner at one of our favorites, Restaurant Alma! I am SO HAPPY spring is finally here so I can bring out some of my favorite warmer weather pieces, like these gorgeous Valentino flats. I got them last year on The RealReal, and if you love designer and you're not shopping there - START! I have scored so many gorgeous pieces from that website, and consigned with them as well.

Sunday was filled with down pouring rain, so we spent nearly the entire day indoor snuggling, playing and relaxing with the girls! Maddie is such a little baby yogi! She was making us proud showing off her moves and working out :) 

Did anyone else LOVE watching Lemonade or Game of Thrones this weekend?? Lol, rainy days call for relaxing in front of the TV! I hope you enjoyed this weekend as well!

Xoxo Colleen