Weekend Wrap-up

This week was a LONGGGGGG one here at our house, but I am SO happy to announce that we have a little girl well on her way to being fully potty trained!!!

I used to see Facebook statues or overhear parents talking about potty training their children and roll my eyes, always thinking, who cares? Ugh, I GET IT NOW. This was hard, and frustrating, and exciting and I'm so proud but also tired of saying the word potty 100x a day! I want to dance from the rooftops and also call my parents and apologize/thank them all at the same time. Lots of emotions, guys! The first week was a long one, but now she's got the hang out it like an old pro, and we couldn't be more proud! 

Well, needless to say, by the time date night rolled around I have never been more ready for a night away! We had dinner at the Copper Hen, which we had never been to before. It was such an adorable place and the food (and desserts) were great! I recommend the muscles and treat yourself to one of their delicious cupcakes or skillet cobbler to finish! I know I deserved it!

Saturday after a lazy morning we bundled the kids up and into the car and started driving way south for an 80th birthday party for Matthew's uncle. On the way we stopped so I could feed Maddie and this happened!! I've never seen so much poop in my life! I was covered, from my sweater to my jeans and jacket! Lol, ahh the joys of parenting! Thankfully my clothes came clean - Maddie's onesie didn't survive !

After church on Sunday we headed to our favorite brunch spot, The Good Day Cafe, and had such a nice time. I love this photo below of Jos and Matthew. She loves her father so much! She is such a daddy's girl and it just warms my heart to see them together.

I cannot believe what a big, strong and brilliant girl Jos is turning into. I know that every parent thinks their child is above average, but I am just so very proud of how much she is doing, saying and learning at just 21 months. 

Last, but not least - is anyone else getting so antsy for spring weather?!? It has been freezing and windy here lately and I am so over it! This week has beautiful weather forecasted, so I picked a spring color for the occasion! This is OPI Elephantastic, and I'm loving it :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Xoxo Colleen