Weekend Wrap-up

Keeping up with my crazy little family has put me on day 3 of serious sleep deficiency and woah I need a nap! So needless to say this will be a short post (because nap time for Josie means nap time for me today too).

The weather this weekend was gorgeous! So most of the day Saturday was spent outdoors! We resumed our tradition of walking to Isles Buns for breakfast - our first time with Maddie! My parents met us there, and Josie loved eating her coffee cake!

Later in the day after naps, the girls and I walked everywhere! I love the area we live in, it's so easy to get around and makes traveling by bike (or stroller!) so fast and enjoyable. We headed into Uptown and enjoyed the day!

After our day outdoors, I glammed it up a bit and headed to a bachelorette party for my friend Brittani! I had such a great time at dinner seeing so many of my friends! I made it to dinner, but snuck back home while they all went out after (#momlife). My lipstick is Red Lizard by Nars!

Sunday was pretty laid back with Church followed by brunch with Matthew's family! I love sneaking pictures of these two together! I also love seeing Madeline in all of Josie's old clothes, it brings back so many memories!

And that's all! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful start to your week!

Xoxo Colleen