Weekend Wrap-up!

Woohoo finally the weekend wrap-up is back! Our weekend was filled with a lot of family and fun that I can't wait to share!

I have noticed that lately I am so bad at remembering in the moment to take pictures when I am having a great time. Especially while I'm with the girls, I have been working on putting my phone away more and really being present. But too often that leaves me with little to no photos to share from fun outings and get togethers during the weekends - so I'm working on finding a balance!

It has been really sweet lately how much Josie has taken to her role as big sister. We are definitely seeing an increase in toddler meltdowns and tantrums ever since Maddie came home, but I'm also seeing such an adorable sense of caring she is exhibiting. 

We got Jos a little baby doll so that she could help take care of her baby while I was busy with Maddie. Watching her with 'baby Jos' has been so adorable. The baby came with a little bottle and blanket, and when Maddie cries sometimes Josie will go over with her baby bottle and try to feed her! Melts my heart. 

I expected her to regress a bit with our new addition, but it's been interesting to watch. She went through a few days where she tried refusing to drink from her cups and insisted on a bottle, which she has not used since 11 months. She has even has started carrying around a pacifier occasionally even though she never took a pacifier EVER as a baby. It's so interesting how the jealously comes out, I'm really feeling for Jos but the last few days it has seemed like things are getting better. 

I'm planning on doing a more in depth post on Maddie once she hits her 1 month, to give more information about her progress and our first month together. Time is flying by WAY TO QUICKLY. I cannot believe we're almost there.

This Friday Matthew and I had a fun little outing with the girls as we headed to the Galleria to pick out a new couch for his office. We ended up finding a gorgeous one at Crate & Barrel which we are getting in a maple leather. We're also still on the hunt for the perfect bedding, and shopped around a bit at Scandia Down. It's amazing how we moved into our new home a year ago and we're only finally getting around to rooms like our bedroom and the office now! Decorating takes so much time!

My brother and his girlfriend Kelly came into town from Chicago this weekend for my Mom's birthday (which is today!! Happy Birthday!) and to meet Maddie. Friday night everyone came over to our house, we all ate entirely too much food and had a great time. It was not until I went to feed the baby and realized it was close to 12am that everyone left!

Saturday was a very relaxed day, Josie had swim lessons with Matthew and passed her test to move up the class with the 2-3 year olds! She loves swimming so much, I can't wait until this summer when she can use our pool anytime! I love the time on Saturday mornings when I can just cuddle up with Maddie while I know Josie is out having so much fun with her Dad! 

That night Matthew stayed home with the girls so that I could head out to dinner with my family and some family friends I have known all my life! It was such a great time. I grew up across the street from this family and we have all been friends ever since. We went to Salsa a la Salsa, which is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Minneapolis. Below is a picture of my family and next to me is Peter's girlfriend Kelly!

Another new addition to our family is Matthews new car. After 3 years on the waitlist (seriously...3 years) we finally received our Tesla Model X. It's a fully electric SUV, the first of its kind. His old Tesla P85D was an amazing car, but horrible for carseats. It was impossible to comfortably fit all 4 of us in and get the two girls in and out from the back. This car is basically a parents dream, as the doors come right up and out and enable you to easily reach carseats and everything inside. There is also ample room for our double stroller.

Matthew had some people over to check it out, so I have a few pictures of the car all opened up!

The rest of Sunday was spent with family as Matthews cousin and his wife and 4 children came over to meet Maddie and brought dinner. We had a great time together and the younger boys especially enjoyed checking out the new car :)

The rest of this week is going to be all about Valentine's day! I am such a V-day fanatic! I love making fun sweets, crafts and picking out the perfect cards for people. Matthew is out of town in San Francisco this week, so we'll see how much time I have to blog while I'm home alone with the girls - but I can't wait to share some fun things with all of you this week! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, thanks for reading!

Xoxo Colleen