Valentine's Day Style

I LOVE Valentine's day. LOVE. I love the cookies, the cards and especially the way red and pink begins to adorn everything from the candy isle to the clothing stores. 

Growing up, my parents loved to make a big deal of nearly every holiday, and Valentine's day was no exception. We received little v-day related t-shirts or pajamas, along with a sweet card every year. I grew up internalizing the importance of showing everyone love on v-day, not just your significant other!

This year however, I am also totally looking forward to spending some alone time with my special someone! The addition of 2 little ones in 2 years has definitely cut our ability to spend many nights out alone together. So when Matthew and I have the chance to spend a night out, which also coincides with a special occasion like Valentine's day, I love taking the opportunity to really glam it up! That's why I jumped at the chance to partner with to show some Valentine's looks that I am absolutely loving for the big day next weekend!

For women I'm spotlighting a new label I discovered on farfetch, Twin-Set. I am completely enamored by their take on elegant, feminine and very sexy pieces - which are perfect for Valentine's day! I also find their price point to be very reasonable for their quality and design. These pieces are perfect for mixing and matching together to create your perfect outfit.

Clockwise from left to right -

1. Twin-Set Lace Trimmed Midi Dress 

2. Twin-Set Belted Biker Jacket 

3. Twin-Set Ruffle Trim Shift Dress 

4. Chloe 'Darcy' Pearl Bracelet 

5. Bionda Castana 'Lama' Pumps 

6. Twin-Set Straight Printed Trousers 

7. Twin-Set Flutter Sleeved T-shirt 

For men I chose an assortment of pieces that could also be worn together in different variations depending on the desired look. Layer the V-neck sweater over a button up, or a crew neck sweater on its own. I also love the deep navy button up on the bottom right worn with a few buttons open and some dark denim :) These are all winners in my book! 

1. Moncler V-Neck Sweater 

2. 321 Plaid Button Down Shirt 

3. APC 'Petit Standard' Jeans

4. Paul & Joe 'Arno' Belt

5. AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Button Down Shirt 

6. Paul Smith Straight Leg Jeans

7. Joseph Elbow Patch Sweater

What do you have planned for Valentine's day? I would love to hear in the comments! Matthew surprised me with reservations to one of our favorite restaurants and I'm looking forward to surprising Josie with some heart shaped jello cutouts and probably baking some cookies for myself! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Xoxo Colleen

*This post is in partnership with but all opinions expressed are completely my own