Weekend Wrap-up!

Hello and happy Monday! I'm currently riding the high of my first hot yoga class since I found out I was pregnant with Maddie (10 month break!!) and it feels sooooo good to be back! For anyone in the Minneapolis area whose interested, I've switched from Core Power to Modo in Calhoun Square, and I'm loving it!

This weekend was all kinds of awesome, and Matthew and I have even more exciting plans for this upcoming one - so let's dive right in to this update!

I wanted to start off with this photo, which you may have seen on my Instagram (@touchofcurl) this Friday afternoon. I'm really loving this top, which I featured on my H&M post from last week. It's a super light and easy peasant blouse which will be a perfect transitional spice for spring!  

Friday was a fun and laid back day for me and the girls. We ran some errands and the weather has finally been warming up enough that we have started talking walks around the lake and to the park everyday! There is nothing better than hitting that point in the season when it is starting to feel like spring!

Friday night was my favorite date night Matthew and I have had in awhile! We had dinner at Burch in Minneapolis, which I have not been to since Matthew and I first started dating. The food was delicious, we decided to split a few starters and entrées in order to try more items, and I loved everything. The highlight was our pizza, made with sausage, red onions, mint and cilantro. Such a beautiful flavor profile!

Next weekend my parents asked to take Josie for the weekend (they LOVE playing with her) so with our free weekend Matthew and I have decided to escape to NYC for a few days! When we first started dating we used to love going to NY together, but we have not made it back since I was pregnant with Josie! I'm so excited to be back (and see my best friend who lives in Brooklyn!), it's one of our favorite cities to visit. We spent all of dinner discussing plans for while we're there - things will be a little different this time, since we'll have Madeline alone with. But no one is easier to travel with than a newborn, so we're taking the opportunity while we can!

We finished the night at the movies and saw Brooklyn, which was wonderful. We've been trying to see all of the best picture nominees before the Oscars, and we made it to all except for Bridge of Spies. 

Saturday Matthew was busy all day with his brother, so the girls and I had a blast enjoying the GORGEOUS weather. It was 55 here in Minneapolis, which is unheard of for February. Saturday started with swim lessons and we had the chance to go outside and walk around in the afternoon, and before bedtime!

Just look at that sunshine! I just recently purchased a Sakura Bloom wrap to test out the waters of baby wearing with Maddie. I never got into it with Jos, but now I really love the option of having my hands free to play with Jos, and also not needing to be tied down with a stroller when she wants to run around! So far I'm really enjoying it (after a slightly rocky start at the beginning!) and I'm looking forward to using it while we're in Manhattan as well as Santa Monica!

After enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday we woke up to this snow on Sunday! We let Jos outside to check it out and she was pretty confused! Springtime in Minnesota can be so back and forth, it's crazy! But I'm happy to enjoy the great days as they come.

Here's one more - a cute little photo I took of Maddie in this adorable pea pod sleeper! She hated wearing the hat, but I couldn't help but snap a picture of my angry little pea a little before taking it off :)

We finished off the weekend watching the Oscars, and my first true love Leo won Best Actor!! He is my all time favorite actor, I am so pleased he finally won the award he deserved! Also so happy to see Brie Larson win Best Actress for Room! What a powerful film, watching it while pregnant was so emotional! I ugly cried practically the entire second half.

I hope everyone's weekend was great! What was your favorite part of the Oscars? I thought Chris Rock killed it! 

Xoxo Colleen