Valentine's Weekend Wrap-up!

Ahhh, Valentine's Day! One of my favorite holidays! Last year Matthew and I celebrated by taking a trip to Mexico together just the two of us. This year couldn't have been more different, but I loved having the chance to spend it with all my Valentines!

Friday I thought it would be fun to make Valentines with Josie to give to her Grandparents! We have lots of paint and crafts supplies from past projects, so I wrangled her into her high chair and thought we would have a great time finger painting! Of course, Josie didn't exactly feel the same. The more craft projects I do with Josie, the more I learn the importance of adjusting expectations and learning to just go with the flow. Jos was NOT HAPPY that we were only using the red and white paints, but eventually we got a few cute Valentines made before a meltdown ensued! I swear I cannot believe this girl isnt already two, she has the stubborn and independent attitude part down already at 18 months :)

Bath time after was much more fun! Painting the walls of the tub pink with her fingers and splashing made everything much better!

Later we worked on the finished products - or really I just finished them during her nap time :) I'm really looking forward to when both girls get a little older and enjoy doing craft projects together!

Speaking of together - could these two be any cuter? Josie has really taken to her role as big sister this week, and it is absolutely adorable to watch. We're still experiencing some rough play, where Jos will accidentally hit Maddie on the head with books and such while I'm feeding her - but overall she loves to hug and kiss Maddie. She likes to help me with laundry now, and brings blankets over to Maddie whenever I set her down uncovered. She is really internalizing the 'big girl' role, I'm so proud of her! We're also experiencing a major uptick in tantrums, so I guess you have to take the good with the bad!

I'm skipping over a lot of the weekend because honestly we didn't do much! I'm still in hibernation mode with Maddie, and Jos doesn't like to play outside much in this cold weather - so we're pretty homebound! Saturday we had a visit from some family and I took the chance to nap the day away (score!!) 

Sunday Maddie and I went on an adventure delivering Valentines while Jos and Matthew spent the day together. Midday the stars aligned and while both girls were asleep Matthew and I took a nap together, now that is romance! Are you noticing a theme here? I'm TIRED. 

For dinner Matthew and I had reservations at one of our favorite resturants which we have been going to a lot lately, 4 Bells! They changed thier menu up, so it was fun to try new things. I absolutely love their food, especially during the winter months. Comfort food is the greatest! 


We spent most of dinner discussing and planning our upcoming trip to Santa Monica next month for 10 days! If anyone has any advice on things they love in the Santa Monica area, I'd love to hear! We're renting a jouse near the Pier, so it should be a great vacation!

Last but certainly not least - my favorite Valentine's Day gift was this sweet sweet card Matthew gave me, signed by the girls. I teared up opening it, so thoughtful. Every year he gives me cards from the girls (including v-day and mother's day cards from when I was still pregnant with Jos!) He is such a thoughtful and wonderful guy - I just couldn't be happier and more grateful to have him as my future husband and the father of our children!

And that's it! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and ate a least a little chocolate!

Xoxo Colleen