Gift Ideas for Kids!

The holidays are fast approaching (eeeek!!) and although this is BY FAR my favorite time of the year, it's also always total insanity. I've always absolutely adored gift giving. Before having kids I would make long lists of everyone I was shopping for and spend hours brainstorming what their perfect gift would be. The shopping, the wrapping, a santa mug filled with hot chocolate in hand and cookies baking behind me. Ahh, it was the best! Looking back, I'm pretty sure this was all just an elaborate way to ignore studying for finals, but whatever, I loved it!

These days I've got a lot less time to devote to the endless search, so when I can find great suggestions, I'm in holiday heaven! So if you have a little one to shop for this year, I've got you covered! Here are some of our FAVORITE toys, and ones that parents will love you for giving :)

Lol, Josie tries to eat everything, even her play food :)

Play food is such a fun way to get kids started on pretend play! These baskets of food come complete with everything you need for a perfect afternoon of playdates with friends, a 'dinner party' with the family, or an awesome way to distract kids and let them participate while you're making dinner! We have some plastic pieces we got last year that Jos LOVES, but I love that this set is made of wood, which is a much better alternative for toys which always end up in kids mouths! 

Ok, this is seriously awesome. Josie received this as a gift for Christmas last year and it's been our #1 most popular toy to date! This little house has 4 little doors where each doll sleeps which must be opened by key. Each doorbell makes it's own individual sound. This toy has it all, we work on numbers, colors, motor skills using the keys, and Josie has named each doll and adores them. Perfect gender neutral toy, totally awesome. 

Bath time just got so much more fun! We LOVE playing with these pipes together in the bath, they're a hit with both Maddie and Jos! Suction them to the wall and connect to create your own pipe system!

Perfect for the Architect in training! These blocks are so fun! Let them create their own masterpiece and then (the best part) knock it all down and starting again!

One of my favorite books of ours, it's so cute! You know a book is a hit when even Josie's teenage sisters are laughing while reading to her. This silly story is a hit with all ages and a perfect gift!

So simple, so much fun. This little ribbon dancer is perfect for the energetic firecracker in your life :)

This kit is awesome for such a wide age range to play with! Josie has just recently started really getting into building with them, and the configurations are endless! I love any toys that really encourage creativity and this really hits the mark. 

Hilarious book, highly recommended for little readers!

A classic and must have, in my opinion. We received this wagon of blocks as a gift before Josie was born, and have been using them daily ever since. Our current favorite game is helping Josie stack towers as fast as possible while Maddzilla comes crawling over to knock them down! 2 1/2 years in, they still show absolutely no sign of wear (wooden toys are awesome).

A friend of mine turned me onto this book, and seriously it's the best! Josie's current favorite, and probably mine too :)

If your kids are like mine, then they have more fun trying to open doors, break open baby gates and zip zippers then playing with traditional toys - enter this AWESOME latch board! We actually stumbled upon this toy while having breakfast at a coffee shop in Santa Monica last summer. One of the baristas saw Jos getting bored and brought it over to play with. She was memorized, and we ended up coming there every morning that week. We ordered it on amazon and it was delivered before we got home :)

Sifting through the ENDLESS options of toys, books and games for kids can be overwhelming, I hoped this helped! And be sure to check out my post on our all time favorite children's books for more gift giving options!

Happy Holidays!

Xoxo Colleen