Getting Serious About Skincare: Glossier Review!

Hey Everyone! It's been a long and crazy few weeks! Anyone else really feeling the holiday spirit (and STRESS?!) creep in!? I just checked off my last box for Christmas shopping, and while I am overjoyed to have that completed (and am DONE with long lines at the malls) I feel awful for leaving my readers high and dry last week with no posts! Balance is never easy, but this time of year I try to always put family first, which means sometimes slacking on the blog :(

SO to make up for it I talked to our resident skincare expert and favorite guest blogger, Nichelle all about her favorite products to use during this winter season! She tested out some new products she scored on Black Friday and is here to report back!

Nichelle is a professionally trained and licensed Esthetician working in Manhattan. She was trained at the Aveda Institute in Soho, NY and has been working as an Esthetician in NY since graduating in 2013. She can be found working at Beaute Oblige 60th & Madison specializing in treatments such as Radio frequency for non-surgical face lift, Electro-Therapy Currents for Anti-Aging /Skin Tightening Treatment for the Face and Neck, and Ultra sound body contouring for tightening and cellulite reduction. She also works as a Skincare Training Expert for Bluemercury Salons, working throughout their various New York locations to train other Estheticians on their philosophy and practices.

Nichelle: My Black Friday finds! 

I wanted to share my Black Friday purchases with you. Guess what I bought? Skincare! Weird, right? 

Into The Gloss is a beauty blog I read from time to time and Emily Weiss created a skincare/makeup line called Glossier. Their website was 20% so I thought it was a perfect time to pick up some products! 

Milky jelly cleanser- the consistency is exactly as stated. It washed away my makeup and most of my mascara without stripping my face of its natural oils. Also leaving my skin soft and never irritated. I am almost out of my $75 ReVive cleanser (which I absolutely love and for the price it's lasted over a year) but finding something for $18 was awesome. In the listed ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronte- moisturizing agent holding 1,800x's its own weight in water.

Mint balm dotcom- delicious tingle that didn't need to be reapplied every 10 minutes. 

Perfecting skin tint (medium)- the website uses your laptop camera to determine which shade is yours. Full disclosure, I looked a little rough that morning and was not ready to face my face but it correctly selected my shade. The product is a little sticky after drying on the skin which I didn't mind (nothing a little setting powder wont fix). It gave medium coverage, a nice shimmer (contains diamond powder) and I like the squeeze bottle. In the listed ingredients: Titanium Dioxide which is a 2-25 SPF coverage. If using this during the day apply a SPF 30 before the product. It isn't enough to protect you from UV rays all day.

Generation G lip in Jam, Like and Crush- I love them! I bought Jam as my wedding lip color and it lasted well into the long night of kissing. It's buildable, meaning the more layers the more intense the color. Product glides on smooth and leaves a matte finish. 'Like' was close to my natural lip color, 'Crush' was a pretty winter red and 'Jam' was more of a fall purple/burgundy.

I also really loved the girly girl packaging with their motto "Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always." Great words to live by! I believe makeup should enhance your beauty and not mask your complexion. By following the perfect skincare routine this is easily achieved and everyone loves a smile! Products arrive in a plastic pink pouch for travel use and stickers that I decorated my phone case with. 

Unfortunately they were sold out of their serums but if I snag them soon I will send the review your way!

Thanks Nichelle, we always love getting an experts opinion! If you love skincare check out Nichelle's past (and very popular posts on her everyday productsExfoliation, and Summertime Makeup and Hair!

If I don't get another post out this week - Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone!!

Xoxo Colleen