My favorite Holiday jammies for kids!

THE TIME IS HERE! Halloween is over, which officially means its time to pull out my favorite Santa mug, dust off our cookie cutters and wrap my kiddos in shades of fuzzy red and green from head to toe!! The holidays are going to sneak up on us before we know it, and I have always love PJ's as a fun gift to give your favorite littles! Josie gets so excited each night when she gets to pick out her PJ's, and these days it's even more fun!

Call me crazy, but there is literally nothing cuter than seeing a toddler running towards you in their fleece footies or a baby crawling at full speed in an elf suit. I mean come on! How could anyone resist that kind of cuddle?!? 

So I looked far and wide (Hanna Anderson, Gap kids, Old Navy, Carters, OshKosh, Nordstrom, Target and H&M to be exact) and found the cutest of the cute! Here are my favorite 2 pieces and onesies!! I love that most of these are completely gender neutral - Keep them in mind for your babes, or as a fun holiday gift for a little elf you know! They sell out quickly, so don't wait!!

Clockwise from left

1. Snowman Scarf Sleep Set - Gap Kids

2. Kids Long John Pajamas in Gingerbread - Hanna Anderson

3. Kids Long John Pajamas in Tree Green - Hanna Anderson

4. Printed Classic Fleece Set - Gap Kids - I got these for both of my girls, I'm obsessed!

5. Kids Long John Pajamas in Snowman - Hanna Anderson

6. Skiing Santa Sleep Suit - Gap Kids

7. Kids Long John Pajamas - Hanna Anderson

8. Kids Long John Pajamas in Elf - Hanna Anderson

1. Snowman Footed One-Piece - Gap Kids - I mean seriously? I didn't see this while I was shopping and now I feel like Maddie NEEDS it!

2. Baby Striped 1 Piece - Target (Also available in sizes for the whole family!!)

3. Kids Union Suit Pajamas - Hanna Anderson - Josie's favorites!

4. 1 Piece Fleece Snowmen Jammies - Carters - Both girls have these, and they couldn't be cuter! Plus I love the warm fleece for the really cold nights!

5. 1 Piece Fleece Reindeer PJ's - Carters

6. 2 Pack Santa Cotton Jammies - Carters

Let me know which pairs are you favorite!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Xoxo Colleen