Potty Training Tips!

Hey loves! 

So we've just wrapped up an amazing trip to San Francisco and I was SO proud of Josie for her first whole trip out of town with no accidents! She wears diapers at night still, but that's it! We potty trained her late summer time right after we got back from France, but traveling is always the hardest time to go accident free!

I tried potty training Jos right before Madeline was born and it was such a nightmare. I had no real plan going into it, and was not following her cues to see if she was ready...I just wanted her out of diapers before the baby was born! She ended up having accident after accident and it left us both in tears (longest 2 days OF MY LIFE). The second time around I had a plan and things really went pretty smooth!

I wanted to detail our experience, and show the products we used which helped us successfully potty train Jos right at age 2!

So first off, books!

We have found so much success in reading books about potty training and getting Josie excited about the idea of being a big girl. I highly recommend these awesome books which are fun and simple enough for little brains to understand. We love bringing these books right into the bathroom and reading them while we wait, it's a great way to encourage them at the beginning. 

Next up is stickers! There are so many different ways to go about potty training, but a sticker chart worked best for us. I bought this book of princess stickers and made a chart where Josie could put 1 sticker for each time she went pee or poop. This way she could show Daddy or her sisters how many times she went everyday. She took so much pride in her chart and it created so much enthusiasm around the whole process. 

So now down to the actual potty chairs! We used 2 different types, a chair and seat covers. This princess potty chair makes noise when they pee and was a great starter potty. Josie used this at the beginning when she was getting used to the idea. It was something we had around the toy area for while before starting, so that she could familiarize herself with the idea. It is very portable and so simple to clean. I definitely recommend it as a starter potty. 

Eventually we moved on to seat covers, which we're using now. These come with a little hook which holds the covers on the side of the toilet so they're easy to store and the kids can grab them and put them away themselves. Josie does everything herself now and loves that these chairs help her from sliding off.

Next up is step stools. These are so useful during the process. If your child is independent like Jos, then they will love being able to do everything alone. Josie literally started kicking us out of the room once she got a handle on the process. She uses the stools to get up on the seat, and the moves it over to the sink to wash her hands. Is there anything better then no more diapers and an independent child?

Every child has a different method that works for them - but I know I always love hearing from other moms what they have had success with! We're so proud of Josie and man oh man am I happy to be done with diapers!!!

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Xoxo Colleen