Halloween Weekend Fun

Happy day after Halloween - aka sugar coma day! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend filled with festivities, or laid back, candy eating relaxation! We had an absolute blast this weekend, and with all the photos I took I wanted to post a fun update of our Halloween 2016!

Our weekend started with pumpkin painting in the backyard! I had the best time last year painting mini pumpkins with Josie (while little Mads was cookin' in my belly!) so we've decided to make it a tradition! This was Maddie's first time finger painting and she loved it (for about 5 minutes until she made it clear she needed a nap, lol). I just love creating new holiday traditions with the girls! 

I thought it would be fun to host a Halloween party at our house this year for the girls and their little friends! Now that Josie is getting older, she really looks forward to seeing her friends each day and loves it when they come over to our house. We decorated with these little banners of their hands painted, and fun little spider poofs! I liked the look of silly handmade decorations for a children's party. I've never been much for decorating the house for Halloween, but adding some flare made our house so fun!

And on Saturday the party was here and it was a blast! I bought a spider tablecloth from a party store and hung it on the wall to make a 'photoshoot' area and it turned out great! Below you can see Josie the strawberry and Maddie the pineapple with some of their adorable friends!

We had a craft station where kids could decorate their own cardboard pumpkin, pin the spider on the web, and fun Halloween music to dance to! With such a variety of kids and ages, I was pleased how everyone seemed to have a great time playing together.

After the party (and long naps from both girls) we headed out for pizza because no way was I cooking after all that craziness. Madeline tried pizza for the first time and, big surprise, she devoured it! Overall, it was a perfect day! 

On Sunday we went to another party, and to give the girls a break from their hot fleece costumes I dressed them up as ballerinas! The tutu dresses are from Old Navy and the headbands were made by my talented friend Anne and her company Flaunt this! They looked so adorable and I pretty much felt like I was winning at mom life when I showed up in my costume - black leggings, a Nike zip up and a 'Dance Mom' name tag (insert laughing emoji here). 

Here we are Monday night just about to head out trick or treating! Just me picking up my bag o' fruit! Lol, last night was such a great end to a perfect weekend! We met up with three other families and went house to house with 5 toddlers and a baby, it was pretty adorable. 

Thank for reading! Here is a fun look at our Halloween weekend wrap up from last year - I cannot believe how much bigger Josie is! And I wold love to hear about your Halloween weekend in the comments - it's such a fun time of year :)