Weekend Wrap-Up

Unlike my weekends for the last few months - this wrap up is much less crazy and full. With the holidays over, things are finally starting to settle down over here. Which is a great thing because this mama is TIRED!

Starting our wrap-up on Thursday (NYE), I headed to the Mall to get some Christmas returns and exchanges done and couldn't believe how packed everywhere was for New Years Eve! I'm in those last weeks/days of pregnancy where I feel like I need to tie up every loose end, just in case I can't the next day! 

I came home to find this adorable little girl all ready to head over to a friends house. How does she get cuter and cuter every day? Seriously! 

Our New Years Eve this year was very tame. We were invited to a party over at a friends house and ended up going over very early and brining Josie along. They just got a new kitty, so despite staying up far past her bedtime she was a sweet little angel playing with the kitty and dancing around all night. We had a great time! The pre-party was a few couples with their children before others showed up later, so Josie was one of 4 little kiddos there!

Our night ended with some Netflix (currently watching Master of None), a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and a midnight kiss just before I fell asleep! Funny how much plans change as you get older - but I had a great and relaxing night!

Friday we headed out to our favorite Thai place in the cities, Roat Osha, for what will hopefully be our last Friday date night for awhile! This coming Friday is my due date, so who knows - but I am certainly getting very antsy to have this baby! I decided to glam it up a little more than normal, since I am feeling pretty huge. It's nice to get dolled up doing my hair and make-up and make myself feel a little less like a blimp!

On Saturday Matthew's cousin and his wife came over with their 4 kids for a few hours. Man, anytime I think Josie makes me tired, all I need to do is imagine 4 of her running around to give myself some perspective! I have so much respect for mamas of larger families!

Once the kids had enough of playing inside we all headed to the park to play in the snow for a bit! Josie is so in love with the snow, and looks like such a little puff ball - I had to snap some pictures!! 

The slides were covered in ice - making the older kids shoot down them right into piles of snow! We had a great time watching as everyone played. Josie had so much fun playing and swinging on the swings that even with her bright red cheeks and frozen little nose, she cried all the way home when we decided to head back inside! Poor little muffin!

The rest of this weekend was spent relaxing and doing some work on Josie's new room! It is no where near finished, but we did officially move her into the room with her new crib and the transition went great! I expected some tears when she woke up the first morning wondering where she was - but when I went in to grab her I found her singing to her stuffed animals like a little sweetheart! 

The biggest hit in the new room is definitely the teepee! We picked this one out from Pottery Barn Kids and decided on the larger size. I'm so glad that we did because it's the perfect fit for a nice cuddle and reading space inside. She also loves playing with her friends so much that I was very pleased with how easily the inside can accommodate a few kids with ease. 

Growing up, my brother and I each had our own teepee's which we really loved. I have so many memories playing in them together in our basement. I'm so happy that Josie has already fallen in love with it. It's great having something special in her new room that she is really fond of, which she can play in while I am busy with the new baby.

Sunday night I got together with some girlfriends and we had such a great discussion on the challenges of motherhood - a topic which I have thought so much about lately. I love having friends and family who are so honest and transparent about both their triumphs as a parent as well as their struggles. It can be so easy to see other mothers and families who seem like they really have it all together - and the media so often seems to make parenting look so easy and effortless. It's not.

It is my hope on this blog to always be transparent about my life - both the ups and the downs. I post cute pictures of Josie and I because when she is crying and having a toddler meltdown, it's normally the LAST thing I want to capture and document. But parenting is hard. It's hard, and it's rewarding, and it's exhausting and it is the most meaningful and incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life. 

Bringing another baby into this world is going to be a whirlwind of emotions - for everyone involved. I can't even imagine how I will keep up with two, but I know I will. But more than anything it is so helpful to be a part of a community which uplifts you and tell you you're not alone. I'm grateful for everyone in my life who allows me to be my imperfect self, and loves me the way I am. This new journey is going to be filled with challenges, and with incredibly rewarding moments along the way. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you in 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

Xoxo Colleen