Brand Spotlight: Kit and Ace

So I wanted to start a new series here on Touch of Curl where I dive into some brands that I am really feeling lately - both up and coming brands as well as tried and true favorites. Anyone who has been reading Touch of Curl for awhile knows I'm a fan of well known brands such as J. Crew, NARS, and various others, but it's time to spread the word on some lesser known brands I am loving too!

For my first brand spotlight I couldn't think of anyone better to start with than Kit and Ace. Have you heard of them? Shopped with them? I would love to hear feedback from any of my readers on your experience with the brand!

When I first heard the brand mentioned (around a year ago) it was described to me as an elevated option for Lululemon lovers. Their core product being what they call a technical cashmere (which is machine washable). I was hooked.

Taken from an interview with founder Shannon Wilson on, Kit and Ace is "modeled after Shannon’s own hectic, full contact schedule, qemir [technical cashmere] can move from day to night and still look chic. While other brands are trying to jump into the athleisure space, Kit & Ace was created to appeal to people looking for a comfortable, luxury alternative to leggings and sweatpants."

So full disclosure, I have yet to actually try any of the women's Kit and Ace clothing on yet - by the time their location in the Mall of America opened up, I was too pregnant to even try. But I am obsessed with the feel and aesthetic and Matthew is in love with the fit and functionality.

I have been in their store 3 separate times (their clothes made perfect Christmas presents!) and, as a former retail professional, was very impressed with their team. Friendly, helpful and relaxed salespeople made the experience feel laid back and enjoyable - rather than forced. The price point is a little steep (basics ranging from around $88-$178), but I can totally get behind their motto of 'functional luxury'. Who says cashmere should be reserved for a special sweater? Why not incorporate it into your favorite basics, from an expertly tailored t-shirt you wear with everything to the perfect (and non-pretentious) turtleneck. 

While I tend to buy more clothes than I really need - and then cleanse my closet once it has gotten too full, Matthew is much more of a minimalist. His motto is solid and simple - if it isn't soft and comfortable, he won't wear it. I brought him into Kit and Ace while we were doing some Christmas shopping and he picked up 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants. Ever since then they have become staples in his wardrobe

You know those articles of clothing you own that you just want to wear again and again because they just feel great? That is this entire collection. I love the way the cashmere sweaters drape and fit, but Matthew swears the pants are what really has him hooked. They are functional enough to move with you comfortably wherever your day takes you - whether it be sitting at a desk, or running after a toddler.

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight! Here is a listing of their locations around the world (they are growing fast!) and here is the link to their e-commerce site for online shopping. This is not a sponsored post - I'm just a genuine fan of their brand!

I would LOVE to hear what brands you guys are loving!! Sound off in the comments!

Xoxo Colleen