Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it's official - I make overdue babies! Are there any other Moms out there who get mega jealous whenever someone tells a story about delivering their perfectly healthy baby at 38 weeks?? I'm currently writing this at 2 days past my due date and the anticipation is REAL. 

SO, this weekend was spent mostly killing time and trying to distract myself from the waiting game - which was a great success! 

The weather here in Minneapolis has been FREEZING, therefore it has been nearly impossible to leave the house much with Josie. I love this picture I snapped of her looking longingly out the window at the fresh snow! It looks so wonderful and inviting, but not when the temperature is 1°, or worse, below zero! So Friday we stayed inside most of the day.

Thank God for the new teepee we got Josie for Christmas, she could not love it more! We spend literally hours each day sitting inside of it, reading books, playing peak-a-boo (or cou-cou as Josie says, in french).  All day long she points up the stairs and says 'Mama, teepee!!' excitedly. It's such a great feeling when you find a gift your toddler will really get excited about, for more than a week!

This was me, on my due date - getting home from my date out with Matthew. I was really hoping last Friday would be our last date night, but on the off chance I had not given birth yet, we made reservations at my favorite new restaurant 4 Bells. For anyone local, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough (and make a res, because they book up quickly!) My favorite appetizer so far is the Baby Octopus which is spicy and flavorful. My favorite entrée is the Seared Scallops, which are absolutely cooked to perfection - while Matthew is in love with their perfectly seasoned fried chicken. But our meal wouldn't be complete without their incredible Pimento Mac & Cheese, which is seriously spicy, creamy perfection. I've never saved enough room for dessert, which I believe is one of the greatest signs of a fantastic meal!

After dinner we headed to see The Revenant, which was truly incredible and INTENSE. I've been a die hard Leonardo DiCaprio fan since about 3rd grade - so I could never miss a movie of his. The acting and directing in this film was truly spectacular, and I'm so happy for him winning the Golden Globe!!

On Saturday Josie and Matthew headed to her weekly swim lessons together - and then after took a trip to Costco. It was nice having he whole morning to myself to relax and get some stuff done around the house! I snapped this picture above as I was getting Jos ready before they left, I just cannot get over how old she looks! 

Now that we're quickly approaching MID-January it was finally time to give in and put the Christmas decorations away. As much as I love them, I kept telling myself that if I didn't get it done this weekend, we would have the baby and it would be March before I touched them! SO away they went. Our house is much less sparkly now, but at least it's one more thing I can check off my list.

After a lazy Sunday morning in the teepee reading books and playing - Josie was losing her mind with an extreme case of cabin fever! And I was losing my mind with a crazy toddler running all around the house getting into EVERYTHING. So we packed up and met my Mom at the Mall of America to walk around Nickelodeon Universe and burn some energy!

It was so much fun just letting her loose and watching her face as she explored! We're still in the phase where she has not ridden a ride yet, and therefore we can explore the entire park without any whining or tears! She loved walking with Grandma and showing her where to go next - we all had a great time and Josie was so burnt out after that she fell asleep on the car ride home!

** And just a quick note to all of my wonderful readers! This will be my last weekend wrap-up for a couple weeks. I'm planning on taking a short break from blogging once the baby gets here (which will be by the end of this week!) I have a few more posts I'm working on getting out before, but please follow me on Instagram at touchofcurl or on twitter @touchofcurl for pictures and updates on the new addition to our family!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

Xoxo Colleen