Weekend Wrap-up

It's already Dec 7th today, as in the second week in December? EEEk! I never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies around the holidays! We had another busy and full weekend, and it feels like I already need to work on preparing for our trip next weekend to Chicago!

I started last Friday by making my favorite cut-out sugar cookies, which I posted about on Saturday. These are seriously so light and addictive I'm so glad I only made a small batch! If you're the sugar cookie loving type (like me!) I seriously recommend this easy recipe

You may have also read in that post about the long week we have been having over here as everyone is getting over colds. Josie has especially been feeling down. Her little cold had turned into a fever which was just not going away! It was a long week of not enough sleep for everyone in the family.

After all that, it felt great to take some time and get away with Matthew for the night. His mother watched Josie for a couple of hours and we went to a new restaurant in Minneapolis, 4 Bells. It opened up late summer, and I wish we had discovered it sooner! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their food! It was absolutely one of those times when my small pregnancy stomach would not allow me to eat as much as I wanted to - so delicious. I am still dreaming about the Pimento Mac & Cheese!!

Saturday started with another very early morning and a fever, so Josie and I headed into the Pediatrician. I snapped this picture which she was playing at the office before we were let in. I can't get over how sweet and happy she looks for being sick. She is fianlly fitting in those adorable H&M biker boots I talked about in this post, they are so cute and she loves them!

After a pretty quick visit, we found out she had strep throat! Poor little girl! But about 12 hours or so after getting her medicine she was already back to her old self, it's amazing how quickly kids bounce back! We spent the rest of the day inside, since she was still contagious.

It's so amazing to me how much her personality is coming through everyday! She has absolutely learned how to use 'No', which is both amusing and exhausting at the same time. But it is so interesting watching her navigate her emotions and testing our limits. Parenting a toddler is a whole different experience than a baby! 

Her new favorite thing to do lately is play pretend. She loves to feed her dolls with her bowls and cups, as well as putting balls inside her shirts and walking around saying "baby like mama!" I am sure she does not truly understand that there is a real baby in my tummy, but it is adorable to watch! She loves hugging and kissing my belly, and even calls out for baby sometimes when I leave the room! I cannot wait for the two of them to meet in a few weeks!! She is going to make such a wonderful big sister!

On Sunday I had another baby shower to attend (it's been crazy lately with all these baby showers and bridal showers!) Three of us are between 28-35 weeks pregnant right now, so it will be so much fun when all of our babies can play together soon! 

The shower was wonderful, and we had so much fun playing games! The first game was to see who could diaper a baby the fastest while blindfolded! I got 11 seconds, not to brag :) But the best part was when the mother to be that we were honoring got her pigs arm stuck in the diaper! 

Last but not least, I wanted to update you on a post I have coming up! I have been thinking for awhile about trying Living Proof's hair care products after hearing great things about them. They were running a black Friday deal so I ordered their line of Great Hair Day shampoo, conditioner and hair mask repair. I'm going to spend a week or two testing it out and plan to write a full product review in the near future for anyone who is looking to change up their hair care lines!

Well, that was our weekend! This week will be a short one, and then on to Chicago for my family Christmas celebration! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Xoxo Colleen