Weekend Wrap-up Christmas Edition!

Hello Everyone, and welcome back! 

I took a few days off from blogging to really enjoy family time, but now I'm back in action! Our Christmas weekend was honestly so wonderful that I spent more time relaxing and enjoying it than documenting it - therefore a real lack of pictures from most of the weekend unfortunately - but sometimes it feels so nice to unplug and just enjoy the moments. 

I'll start this weekend wrap-up on Christmas Eve, since that is when our celebrations really began!

In the early afternoon we headed over to Matthew's brothers house, where he was hosting a meal and Christmas gathering for all of the siblings and their families. It was very low key, and we had such a nice time eating and spending time together. Josie and her cousins just adore each other, so it's always so much fun to watch them play together!

We decided to go very light on the presents this year, since Josie still doesn't really fully understand the concept of Santa, and she really doesn't need ANYTHING. And boy am I glad we did! Between her Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents she received way more than expected - spoiled little girl!!

Next we headed over to my parents house to open some presents for our annual Christmas Eve tradition. Josie was really into her new set of fake food from my parents, which included all of her favorites (mac & cheese, cereal and yogurt). It might look a little too real, she is still trying to eat all of it daily!

The next morning was Christmas! We headed to church early and then had brunch together as a family after. The food was delicious, and it was so nice to spend some time together Christmas morning before opening presents and before my family came over!

After brunch we all sat down to open presents together - Josie thought they were all for her! 

Josie and her wonderful nanny, Derline, who is leaving our family after being with Josie for a year! They love each other so much, it's so sad to see her go!

I was so spoiled this year with very thoughtful and wonderful gifts from everyone, but I am just dying over these diamond and yellow gold David Yurman earrings Matthew gave me. I hate to ever brag (other than about Josie!!) but credit should be given where it is due - they are so beautiful and I am obsessed! I plan on wearing them on my wedding day (and probably every other day until then :)

Later, after we all laid down and relaxed for a few hours, my family came over for Christmas dinner! My parents are so wonderful, my mom pre-made and brought over an incredibly delicious lasagna, and all the ingredients to make garlic bread and salad to accompany it. It was so nice to lay on the couch and relax rather than worrying about hosting and cooking for once! I really love hosting, but at 38 weeks pregnant, I am FINE sitting down and letting everyone else do the work!

Above is my Mom and Josie and then the most beautiful sunset I captured overlooking our backyard Christmas night!

Some adorable pictures of Matthew's older daughters Camilla and Evelyn with Josie! All the sisters together :) Josie was too busy with her cracker to smile - lol it had been a long few days for her!

Saturday and Sunday were slightly less eventful, but still filled with family and friends. A good family friend of mine whom I have known all my life just moved back to Minnesota from Dallas, Tx after spending the last 7 or so years there. We met up with her and my family to grab lunch and it was so nice catch up with her and her husband. Taking about babies and moving into the right school districts, it is so bizarre to me how much we have grown up - when did we all get so old!?!

Sunday was my brothers last day in town so Josie and I headed over to see him for a few extra hours. It's adorable how much she has warmed up to him, she loves to say Peter and Brother (which sounds more like butter lol). He will be back in Feb to see the new baby, I can't wait!

Other than that I've just been happily relaxing and trying to get the last touches ready on what we need for the new baby! Oh - and deciding how long it is appropriate to keep our Christmas decorations up past Christmas (I love them!)

Our new nursery/big girl room are still no where near done, but expect a post coming soon with an update (or hopefully a finished report) on them! Until then, here is a link to the inspiration post I made with the ideas I am using in creating the two rooms.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating and relaxing with family and friends! This holiday season I truly am so thankful for all of my readers who make blogging so much fun. I appreciate every comment and really love hearing what you have to say! Here's to an exciting 2016 with Touch of Curl!

Xoxo Colleen