Men's gift guide - Under $100

Men are ALWAYS the hardest to buy for, amiright?

This year, I've been so busy with life, baby, everything...that I finally just told Matthew to tell me what he wanted. His response was something so nerdy and non-romantic that I just ended up scouring the stores and internet anyways! 

And hey, I made it easy for him - months ago I made a Pinterest page with gift ideas which I constantly update and sent to him. Take note ladies, I've got this all figured out :)

SO anyways, in my search I stumbled upon a wide variety of items which even the hardest man to shop for would want. I hope a few spark your interest - I'm with all of you in this struggle!

Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker $30.74- because, who doesn't love a great french press in the morning? And it's on Amazon Prime, you procrastinator, you!

Kings Country Chocolate Whiskey $25.00 -  Made in Brooklyn, NY and comes pre-packaged in its own perfect flask. Sneak it into your New Years Eve party to avoid the $38 drinks specials.

Chewie We're Home T-Shirt $45.00- Do you have a man who loves Star Wars like mine? We've had pre-ordered tickets to opening night for weeks. If so - this needs no explanation. 

Shetland Wool Crewneck Sweater $98.00 - Available in many other colors, providing a nice departure from the traditional black sweater every man seems to have. Soft, and perfect for the office or the weekend - done deal. 

Agloves Unisex Touch Screen Gloves $12.99- For the man on your list who you have no idea what to get - everyone needs gloves. Bonus points for the touch screen feature. 

Jack Black First Class 5 Piece Travel Pack $49.90- I've long been a fan of Jack Black products for men. This is a great gift for a boyfriend or husband to try out a few of their products and see what they like. By the time Valentines day rolls around you can get him the full sized version of his favorite product.

Cards Against Humanity $25.00- Have you ever played this game? Seriously, it's the best. Bring it out at family functions and your going to be both amazed and horrified by the results. The perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor - or someone who needs one.

Amazon Fire TV Stick $39.99- Give the gift of Netflix and chill, or Hulu and chill, or Game of Thrones (no chill, you should actually watch every second of GOT). But in all seriousness, Matthew (who knows everything about tech) has told me many times what a great deal these are and how useful he finds his.

J. Crew Cotton-Wool Elbow Patch Shirt $68.60 - Available in an assortment of other colors and on sale for 30% off today with code THURSDAY. Doesnt every guy need a good flannel? I like to tell Matthew he looks like a lumberjack when he wears his, in a good way :)

Buck Mason Heather Gray Sweatpants $88.00 - Who says all sweatpants need to be ratty and shapeless? These cool, on trend sweats are perfect for lounging or for heading home from the gym in. Pair with some Nike's and it's a look.

Skagen Men's Ancher Stainless Steel Watch $94.25 - Under $100 for a cool, easy, everyday watch. A staple in every mans wardrobe. It's ALSO prime, so no stress when you're running down to the last minute

Good Luck shopping - let me know what you're loving on the list or your favorite ideas for men! We're all in this together!!

Xoxo Colleen