Everyday Essentials - Inside my Makeup bag

So I've had a few questions recently regarding my skincare routine and what makeup I use to keep my skin looking its best! I'm planning on creating a much longer and more in depth post on this topic, with the help of my MUCH more talented and knowledgeable make-up artist and esthetician friends - but I thought today I would quickly share with you my everyday essentials for makeup!

As far as makeup goes, I am really a minimalist, with a love of lipstick! I have gone through various phases where I spent much more time layering eye shadows and matching shades to my outfits - but I have found that as a busy Mom with little time in the morning, a more consistent natural look is the one for me.

I have noticed that there are so many pieces in my makeup collection that I am rarely drawn to anymore. So as I get ready to depart on a flight to Chicago, I decided it's the perfect time to post my true essentials - the makeup I bring with me while traveling, and what I wear everyday!

1. I could not live without my NARS 'Pure Radiant' Tinted Moisturizer. I blend together two shades, Finland and Groenland to gradually lighten up the color evenly as my skin lightens up in winter. The coverage is amazing for how lightweight it feels on the skin. It also has SPF 30, which is important to me in a moisturizer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

2. NARS Light Optimizing Primer - I have not always been consistent about using primer under my tinted moisturizer, but I really do notice a difference in the colder months when I do. The last few months I have started wearing it everyday and I have found a significant difference in how well the coverage last on my moisturizer. At the end of the day, my skin is still looking as even and covered as when I first applied. Also SPF 15!

3. Bobbi Brown Blush in 'Nectar' - It's beautiful, light and essential. I could never leave the house without blush!

4. NARS Single Eyeshadow in 'Bali' - This small eyeshadow single was recommended to me as an eyebrow color by my close friend Gilliann, a seriously brilliant NARS makeup artist. I have been using it for the last 5 years or so religiously. I apply it with a brow brush to lightly fill in gaps and darken my brows. PS- I'm now on my second eyeshadow in 5 years, so that tells you how pigmented the color is and how little you need to use. 

5. Kevyn Aucoin 'The Precision' Liquid Liner - Quick, easy to apply and lasts all day without smudging. This is the eyeliner that got me to start actually wearing eyeliner again on a daily basis after having Josie. It's that easy to apply.

6. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palate - I ordered this recently because I was honestly attracted to the fact that it didn't have 1,432,254 shades in it. I didn't want a large and complicated palate, and I certainly didn't need to spend more when I'm only going to use the same 3 shades anyways. This has been perfect. Days with Josie I quickly layer the lighter colors together, and when I'm heading out with friends or on a date with Matthew, I just layer on some of the darker shades to create a smoky eye over it and voilà! I've received so many compliments since using it that I'm now questioning how bad I looked before...?

7. Kevyn Aucoin 'The Volume Mascara' - I'm sold. Possibly forever. I have used close to 100+ mascaras in my life, and have loved so many. But this is by far my favorite I have ever found. It uses fibers which lengthen and add volume to your lashes, but my favorite part is that it will never flake! I HATE midway through the day when your mascara is flaking and a dark under eye circle begins to appear. No makeup remover is required, these fibers come right off with warm water while washing your face, but stay put all day without. Low maintenance at its finest. 

8. NARS Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red - This is the color I have on in the picture above. But really, I have a NARS lipstick addiction (especially the Matte lipsticks). I'm also addicted to my signature Schiap (although it has recently fallen out of my rotation, I need to bring it back!!) - The hottest, hot pink you have ever worn. I love Red Lizard, Tolede for an everyday look, and in their satin lip pencils I love Yu and Red Square

Ok - so clearly I could write an entire post on NARS lip colors, or really NARS in general, maybe someday I will! But for now, I hope you enjoyed my everyday edit. And I would love to hear from you, what are your favorites? Which pieces in your makeup collection could you never live without? Let me know in the comments!

And make sure to check out the blog this weekend and on Monday for a wrap up! I will be in Chicago with Josie on a little girls weekend today-Sunday! Enjoying the fall, visiting family and wedding reception venue shopping! Oh an most importantly eating entirely too much food - Can't wait to share it with you!