Currently Loving...

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!! For anyone out there who is hosting (me too!) - You can do it! I wish you the speed, organization and cooking skills of Martha Stewart and beyond! I spent today running from Whole Foods to Target to Costco, and I'm sure there will be more trips before the big day hits! In all this craziness I wanted to post a couple things that made me smile today - hope you enjoy!

Was anyone else pumped to wake up and see Shopbop is having an early Black Friday Sale with (gasp!!) relatively no exclusions?? I have serious shopping problems (as is well documented on this blog) so I snagged thesethesethis, and these. Because basically, as much as I love creating this baby, I really just cannot wait to be thin again. What are you lusting over this shopping weekend??

I'm sure you have all already seen this video pop up on your news feeds, but I got a pretty great laugh out of Amy Schumer's spoof of engagement photos from the outtakes of her show. I'm honestly so incredibly happy for everyone who gets engaged, but at no point during my engagement have I ever wanted to document it in photos, this video perfectly captured why! (Wedding pictures are different, I want my dress immortalized from EVERY ANGLE).

I'm awful at doing my nails, but love the look of a clean, fresh mani - which is why I religiously get gel manicures bi- (...more like tri) weekly to keep up some appearance that I have my shit together (I don't). I have been seriously wondering how I will ever find the time with 2 kiddos to get a mani ever again - then I stumbled upon this article about the new spray on nail polish that Europe is dying over. Easy and ultimately mess free, something I could even potentially do! Looks like my post-partum just got a little prettier 

Are you a Gap fan? I never really was until pregnancy/motherhood. But seriously, Gap is where it's at for cute basics for yourself (or your men!) and amazing baby and toddler clothes! Remember that Holiday PJ post I did or the Maternity Edit? It's mostly all Gap, Gap and Gap! They went 50% off today for early Black Friday - don't miss out!!

 I was sent some form of this article from numerous people. Leading me to believe everyone must have secretly been a little (understandably) concerned with my daily coffee intake. Well, you can all breathe a large sigh of relief for this poor unborn child, caffeine is A-OK! So hooray pregnant women everywhere - drink you coffee and enjoy it! Just make sure some Tums are nearby too :)

Wishing you the most joyful holidays with family and friends!

Xoxo Colleen