Weekend Wrap-up

I woke up this morning still EXHAUSTED from the jam packed wonderful weekend I just had! The Holidays are always crazy busy, but for our family it seems that this crazy holiday season has started extra early this year!  

I have a Target themed post coming up later this week - but I basically cannot help myself when I am there lately with all of their adorable holiday offerings! I found this little string of pom-pom garland in the dollar section and grabbed it for Josie. We have been having fun playing with it all week! My little Christmas baby :)

Friday was a fun-filled day for Josie and I. A friend of mine was in town from San Diego with her daughter for a bridal shower which we were going to later in the weekend, so we got the babes together for a little playdate! 

It was so adorable watching Josie interact with a younger little one. All of her friends are closer to age 2, so she doesn't have much experience playing with little kids. Naturally there was light toy stealing and a little jealously, but thankfully Jos has never cared much if I play with or hold other babies - which helps when I think of our upcoming transition into a family of 4!

How cute do these two look here though?? Orly is the sweetest little girl I've ever met, such a happy baby! It was an absolute joy having Rachel in town and getting to play with her little sweetheart, you forget how small they used to be before they could get up and run away from you!!

Josie's dress is ON SALE at Old Navy !!

After our playdate and a long nap (for both of us!) Josie and I ran out for some errands. I stopped into Anthropologie to just peek at their home selection and see how everything looks in person - happy to report I still want EVERYTHING from the at home gift guide I posted last week, featuring lots of Anthro home items. Bu I loved the look of these pillows and blankets I found tucked away in a corner of the store. 

From top left - I love this Pom-Pom Snow dusing throw, it was so soft and would be so sweet to cuddle up with in the cold weather! The 'Je t'aime' and 'oh happy day' pillows are both part of their Festive Phrases Pillow collection and I love them! I love any French accent, and Josie has just started saying t'aime to us, so it has a special place in my heart! I am also seriously considering getting one of these adorable Gold Dot pillows for Josie's new room as a decorative accent. Although honestly I would love to get them for just about anywhere I could fit it into our house, I love gold!

The rest of my Friday ended with a great date night with Matthew! We went to Amore Victoria for dinner and then headed to the Hunger Games opening night! I have never actually been that big of a Hunger Games fan, although the movies are entertaining and beautiful to watch. But if anyone can explain to me who thought casing Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) vs Liam Hemsworth (Gale) as conflicting love interests, and thought it would be believable that she would actually struggle with this decision....? I'm confused. Has she seen Liam Hemsworth?? Anyways...

Saturday started with a brunch at the Uptown Diner as a bunch of us got together to see Rachel and Orly while they were in town. I made Josie wear my favorite little Christmas sweater of hers and her pom pom garland as a scarf - I might be a little too obsessed with Christmas!! 

Later in the afternoon, we headed to St Paul for a cancer benefit for one of my best friends Mother. Jenna's Mother Chrissy was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2014 and has been fighting and undergoing treatment on and off now since. I was so happy we could make it to the benefit, and so overwhelmed to see the amazing amount of people who came out to support her! It was a wonderful event for Team Chrissy! 

I finished the night off doing what I love! I made an apple crisp for Matthew, tons of applesauce for Josie and enjoyed some cinnamon tea and relaxed by the fire as they steamed and baked! Saturday nights look much different than they used to years ago, but I really love our new routines :) 

Sunday was wonderful and full! After church, Matthew, Josie and I had a quick brunch and then headed home so I could rush off to a bridal shower for my friend Brittani! The shower was hosted by Rachel and Jessica, both in town from San Diego, and they did such a wonderful job planning it from across the country! We even had a special delivery of Sprinkles Cupcakes, all the way from CA!

I finished the night off having dinner with some close girlfriends at my unofficial 'baby sprinkle' instead of a shower. We have so much STUFF from Josie, that I really feel like we need nothing new for this baby, but it was wonderful getting together and eating too much junk food with my girlfriends! Honestly this weekend was so packed full of friend time, I feel incredibly grateful for the women I have in my life. Inspiring, strong and powerful women who teach me so much about life as we grow together. Strong female friendships and a strong wonderful partner in Matthew mean everything to me in my life, they make me who I am today! Life is so good, I feel so blessed!!

Finishing off with a picture after I stuffed myself with Sprinkles cupcakes, nachos, fries and who knows what else. I have clearly not be adhering to any sort of pregnancy diet!! 33 weeks and I am officially starting to really feel it - and by it I mean seriously ROUND! 

I hope you all had the best weekend! Thanks for reading about ours!